6 Best Calligraphy Fonts

Choosing the right font can make your design look even better. Calligraphy fonts are mostly used for projects that prefer a handwritten typeface. There are many personal fonts shared by designers that you can use for your projects. With the help of these options of fonts, you can make your project look inventive.


If you are looking for a typeface especially for an invitation, logotype, apparel, branding, packaging, etc.; then Glarious calligraphy is perfect for you. It comes with both uppercase and lowercase, Opentype calligraphy with heavy strokes and a flared touch to it. If you need the calligraphy with all the characters you would have to pay $16.


This font with a subtle vintage texture will remind you of the medieval times when people used to write with wide nibbed pens. Though it has a little old school vibe, it will be spot on for your project if you are looking for something retro. You can download this black letter display font for free.


This calligraphy with a modern elegance from Kokok studio features bold stroke, with expressive upper and lower case characters.  You can easily download the advanced version of this dazzling and playful handwritten font in high quality for just $8.


This much relaxed-looking font could be used for invitations, personal branding, social media posts, advertisements, product designs, labels, watermarks and so much more. It’s created by Subectype Studio. This loose handwritten font with lazily flowing characters comes in a free version with upper and lower case letters, symbols and punctuation, as well as all the accented characters you’re likely to need.

Basya Jalai

There is plenty of energy in this calligraphy font as described by its creator, Alif Quentin. It is a light and fresh handwritten font that will inspire many projects with its romantic nature. Splendidly tall and thin, this font could be used for greeting cards, titles of a story or a documentary. You can get the full licensed version that features full set of glyphs plus extras with all manners for flourishes, for $12.

The Doctor:

The creator is undoubtedly inspired by the notorious and most illegible handwriting of a doctor. The loose and stylish flow of this font could be used for signature, heading, cover, branding, invitation, label, poster, logos, quotes, product packaging, header, merchandise, social media & greeting cards and many more. You can get the free version that comes with uppercase, lowercase, and symbols.

While there are a variety of fonts, these are some of our favorite calligraphy fonts that could be used for personal and commercial use and could be licensed at very reasonable prices.