How To Design A Pitch Deck In A Unique Way

Imagine you have a great business plan, but your pitch deck is not as impressive as the plan. Well, that could be one of your worst nightmares. You need to do justice to your idea and make as good a pitch deck as your business plan. Here are a few tips to make your pitch deck stand out and leave a memorable impression on the clients.

Use a template and palette:

Either you’re starting from scratch or using a template, make sure that it’s simple and understandable. You can easily download the templates that best suits your idea. As for the palette using a combination of colors that complement each other, two or three colors are enough. Try not to use dark colors for the background and go with light colors. The slides should also have design elements such as page number, header, and footer.

Make your idea into a brand:

You need to convert your idea into a brand by the time you talk with the investors. Show them that you’re ready to make a change with your plan. Create slides with keywords that best describe your brand; put logos, wordmark and color palette.  As you create a slide design, make sure the template integrates your colors and branding. Also, don’t make the mistake of saving your branding for the end of the presentation, use it throughout and let them fall in love with your idea.

Include Charts:

Visualization is the best way to make someone understand your idea. You can include different charts like bar and pie charts to show your statistical data to your investors.

Use of Stellar Images:

Add images in your slide showing the services, product and your team in action. People are more likely to get engaged with an image than a text and stay longer in someone’s memory. Try not to put photos in every slide as it may get repetitive.

Try tiled layouts for complex information:

When it comes to complex information, you need to present it very wisely so that information could be digestible for the audience. Use tiled layout styles to break down into smaller information.  With the help of tiles in color blocks or icons, you can present the content visually.

Create a Hierarchy:

Select a hierarchy first for your text elements so that it will be easy for you to place the text.

A hierarchy can include, title, header, secondary header or subhead, main body text, bulleted text, captions, infographic text, and footer text.

Get Creative with Text-Heavy Slides:

The history of your company or business trends, lists or SWOT analyses can get a little overwhelming on a slide.  Use more visual formats for this heavy information as they’ll be visually easy to digest.


If you are determined to achieve your goal no one can stop you. Just make your investors feel the connection you have with this idea then there will be no turning back.