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Tips to Repair Online Reputation

No matter how good your brand is or how many loyal or delighted customers you have, you cannot keep all your customers happy every time. Sometimes it happens that a customer has a bad experience with your product or service, for example, due to a mistake of your employee. Such customers often share their bad experience on social media, blog or some news article. The result is that your brand ends up with a negative reputation on the Internet. Continue Reading →


Understanding Responsive Logo Design

A logo design is not a brand and a brand is not a logo either. Rather, a logo is an identity of your brand, which is made up of a symbol, typography, and colors. Just like your identity never changes, brand identity remains consistent as well. There may be few changes to a logo design, but the essence of the original logo design always remains in the redesigned version.

A logo design doesn’t get revamped frequently. It only gets revamped when there is a major change in the brand or the design trends. One such trend that caused many brands to redesign their logos is a responsive design. Continue Reading →


3 Most Popular Design Languages

When it comes designing, one of the basics is consistency. If you are creating a digital product, like a PaaS or an OS, there is a need to ensure consistency in design throughout the system. For example, the color of CTA, typography styles, shapes and other visual elements must be in a perfect harmony throughout the system.

To ensure this consistency, the companies come up with their own design language or design guideline. A design language guides a designer in creating a design that is consistent in look and feel by using same colors, shapes, textures, patterns, etc. Continue Reading →


3 Results-Driven Tips to Design Order Page

For an e-commerce website, one of the biggest concern is cart abandonment. The problem is, potential buyers, add products to their carts, but they don’t proceed to the checkout page. There can be many reasons why users abandon the checkout process. It can be due to indecisive nature of users, it could be price or discount, but mostly it is due to the user experience on the checkout page.

When it comes to designing a checkout page, many e-commerce websites make the mistake of not optimizing the UI and UX of the checkout page. Tweaking UI and UX design of a checkout can easily improve the conversion rate and cart abandonment rate. Here are few tips in this regard. Continue Reading →


4 Tips to Design Mobile UI

Since mobile devices have become the most popular platform for browsing the internet, it has become necessary to create websites that are mobile friendly. If your website is not optimized for mobile, then the consequences could be increased bounce rate, low avg. session duration and low conversion rate. Low conversion rate means that your business will be affected in the long run unless you do something to fix.

To make your website mobile friendly, before starting with any technical stuff, you must start with the design. UI design is at the core of creating a website that is optimized for mobile users. Here are some tips to get you started. Continue Reading →


5 Best Tools for Illustrations

The illustration is the latest trend in graphics and web designing. We have seen many modern day websites that have incorporated Illustrations in one way or another. Some website show how their product works using animated illustrations, while others simply use them for decoration. So why use Illustrations?

Illustrations are simple and lightweight. Instead of using stock photos that don’t exactly reflect your product or service, you can create illustrations that perfectly represents your offer.

To create illustrations that are perfect for your website, you need the right tool. Here are some tools that are popular with illustrator these days. Continue Reading →


History Behind Famous Logos

A logo design is more than just a piece of graphics work. It is an identity of a brand, hence corporate identity or brand identity. A logo is a brand equity that is built over time. It takes years for a $100 logo to become an equity worth of million dollars.

Over time, some brand logos changed slightly while others remained the same. Some of these logo designs that have been around for so many years or decades have a really interesting background. In this article, we have included some of the famous logos and the history behind them. Continue Reading →


Tips to Design Website that Converts

The primary purpose of a business website is either to inform the prospects or turn visitors into leads and eventually customers. Therefore, it is important to design a website with this goal in mind. A website that fails to catch leads has no use for a business. This is why we must include elements on the website that can make it easy for visitors to turn into leads.

In this blog post, we take a look at those elements and how you can incorporate them into your next web design so you can create a website that converts. Continue Reading →


4 Best Tools for Wireframing

To turn your ideas into reality you need some sort of plan. This basic principle also applies in web designing. All great designs started with simple sketches and wireframes, whether it was Nike logo or Facebook UI.

Wireframing is an important part of a designer’s workflow. Before you even think about what color to use and what tool to use in Photoshop, you start sketching rough ideas of your design. To create a design that aligns with your client’s requirements, you need a direction, which you get by creating wireframes. Wireframes are just like blueprints. The purpose is to create a basic structure of a design. Continue Reading →


How to a Market a Design

For a graphic designer, turning ideas into creative works is a like breathing…it just comes naturally. However, when it comes to marketing their personal project just to earn some recognition and maybe few bucks, they are helpless and often hopeless. Since they are not marketers, but designers, marketing their own design is obviously going to difficult for them unless they hire a professional, but no one is going to do that for their personal projects.

Here, we have laid out some helpful tips for designers to market their own designs without getting help from any professional. Continue Reading →