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Techniques for Branding in UI Design

Branding is not just about marketing, advertising or designing a logo. Branding is more about how your brand communicates with the audience or how your audience interacts with your brand. Each point of interaction with the brand is how you create a unique perception of your customers about your brand. Therefore, branding is an ongoing process that starts at the start of your company and continues until your product is dead. This is why it is important to work on improving the experience of your customers whenever and wherever they interact with your brand, whether they are in your store or visiting your website or using your mobile app. Continue Reading →


Branding for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations, as the name suggest, exist to operate for the goodwill and service of community or nature without any aim of earning a profit. Nonprofit organizations simply exist to make an impact in a community that will bring positive change. For this nonprofit needs a branding strategy that can help them create such an expectation. Continue Reading →


3 Tips to Create Timeless Logo

For a brand, a logo is more than just a piece of graphic design work. It is an identity, a symbol or a visual element through which their customers recognize the brand. For a brand, logo design is perhaps the most important part of brand identity. Since it is the brand’s identity, a logo design needs to be distinct and memorable. Continue Reading →


Easy Tips to Design Custom Icon

The recent trends in graphic designing have seen more focus on designs instead of text. Typography in design is still important, but designers are limiting the use of text in their designs. They only use typography to convey the most important textual information that cannot be illustrated through some design. For example, to show a discount offer, designers have to use text to convey the discount amount or percentage. Continue Reading →


Tips to Design Video Game Characters

People like video games that are engaging, part of which is due to the interesting characters these games have. These characters have distinctive features and design, which make them memorable and popular. Some of the popular video game characters, like Mario, Link, Geralt and others, all have this in common. Their character design is unique and relevant to the world they belong. Continue Reading →


Tips to Repair Online Reputation

No matter how good your brand is or how many loyal or delighted customers you have, you cannot keep all your customers happy every time. Sometimes it happens that a customer has a bad experience with your product or service, for example, due to a mistake of your employee. Such customers often share their bad experience on social media, blog or some news article. The result is that your brand ends up with a negative reputation on the Internet. Continue Reading →


Understanding Responsive Logo Design

A logo design is not a brand and a brand is not a logo either. Rather, a logo is an identity of your brand, which is made up of a symbol, typography, and colors. Just like your identity never changes, brand identity remains consistent as well. There may be few changes to a logo design, but the essence of the original logo design always remains in the redesigned version.

A logo design doesn’t get revamped frequently. It only gets revamped when there is a major change in the brand or the design trends. One such trend that caused many brands to redesign their logos is a responsive design. Continue Reading →


3 Most Popular Design Languages

When it comes designing, one of the basics is consistency. If you are creating a digital product, like a PaaS or an OS, there is a need to ensure consistency in design throughout the system. For example, the color of CTA, typography styles, shapes and other visual elements must be in a perfect harmony throughout the system.

To ensure this consistency, the companies come up with their own design language or design guideline. A design language guides a designer in creating a design that is consistent in look and feel by using same colors, shapes, textures, patterns, etc. Continue Reading →