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Size Guidelines for Facebook

Social media is one of the biggest mediums for branding and promotion. The biggest platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are used by millions of users around the world, which is why this channel is irresistible for companies. However, marketing on social media is not like traditional marketing. Social media users have a different behavior. As a company, you need to understand that behavior and market your product accordingly. Continue Reading →

techniques of rebranding

Efficient Techniques of Rebranding

Branding is an important concept for many years because a brand gives your products a separate identity. It differentiates your products and services from that of competitors and this affects the market share you have. The ultimate aim of brands is to win customer loyalty after going through a rigorous process of brand awareness, brand positioning and actually selling the products.

Why Rebrand? Continue Reading →

outsource vs inhouse designers

Outsource Vs In-House Designers

Most of the small businesses and startups today are either bootstrapped initially or have limited funding. While they can afford to hire a team for their core operations, hiring a team for other functions becomes difficult for them. This is especially true when it comes to hiring a team for designing.

All types of businesses today require some kind of design work. While some businesses have ongoing design work, others require it intermittently. Either Way, the company has to hire a team of designers or outsource their work to a design agency. These are the only options they have. Continue Reading →


UX Tips for Highly Converting Pages

The goal of every business is to increase their worth, which is their primary focus is to earn a profit. The purpose of creating a website for a business is essentially the same as their overall goal, i.e. to gain leads or sales from it. However, getting sales or leads from a website is not just about how good your marketing tactics or products are. It is also about how good your website is for targeted users and how well it relates to their needs. This can be ensured by working on two main things: design and content. Continue Reading →


What to Look for When Hiring a Design Agency

Having an in-house design team is a great way of getting things done the way you want and when you want while also having a complete control over the resources. However, hiring a team of in-house designers is not that easy. Apart from finding the right talent, you also need to pay the salary, even when there is a little work to do. This is why some businesses cannot afford to hire an in-house team because they would rather invest that money in core business operations. This is a common practice for startups and small businesses. Instead of hiring an in-house team, they hire a design agency Continue Reading →


Steps in a Designer’s Workflow

When you are working for an agency as a web designer, there are some goals and a tough deadline to meet. You have to work under the constant pressure of getting things done professionally in a given time frame. When things go awry, it results in missing the deadline. This is why you need to be prepared for the worst and manage your work and time efficiently. This is where you need to organize yourself and your way of work so you can get things done as planned within the given time frame without compromising the quality. This is where a workflow comes in. Continue Reading →


3 Vital Brochure Designing Tips

Marketing is an important function of any business. These are marketing activities that bring in new customers and help retain existing ones. Since marketing is critical for the growth of any business, it makes sense why businesses are prepared to invest in it so heavily even if it means going in a loss for a short time.

There are a lot of ways to market a product. From traditional methods, like TV commercials to digital methods, like social media marketing, most of the channels of marketing require businesses to pay some heavy cost. However, there are also certain marketing methods that are not really expensive, but they are still effective.

One of the traditional way of marketing, that been around for centuries, is brochures. Continue Reading →


Techniques for Branding in UI Design

Branding is not just about marketing, advertising or designing a logo. Branding is more about how your brand communicates with the audience or how your audience interacts with your brand. Each point of interaction with the brand is how you create a unique perception of your customers about your brand. Therefore, branding is an ongoing process that starts at the start of your company and continues until your product is dead. This is why it is important to work on improving the experience of your customers whenever and wherever they interact with your brand, whether they are in your store or visiting your website or using your mobile app. Continue Reading →


Branding for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations, as the name suggest, exist to operate for the goodwill and service of community or nature without any aim of earning a profit. Nonprofit organizations simply exist to make an impact in a community that will bring positive change. For this nonprofit needs a branding strategy that can help them create such an expectation. Continue Reading →