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4 Tips for Designing Twitter Header Photos that Grab Attention Right Away

Your brand can’t shine under the spotlight unless you are not utilizing every single opportunity in the best way possible. The Twitter header photo of your brand’s official account is one of such places that can help you position your product/service quite tremendously.

This prominent space, if utilized smartly, can turn out to be a compelling element for all your customers who follow you on Twitter. So, let’s learn how it can actually happen.

For this, below mentioned are some tips that will certainly assist you in designing Twitter header photos to grab your customers’ attention right away. Continue Reading →


4 Tips for Creating Remarkable Push Notifications

So, you have got an app. Sounds good!

You know that you are not the only one having an app, right? The app store is packed with thousands of apps, and there is a possibility that the type of app you own is not something new to the market.

The digital age has made everything so accessible to consumers, which push the service providers to innovate within their domains. However, there is an extremely vital component that can provide your audience with a very personalized experience through your app. And, that is none other than a “push notification”.

We thought to talk about this particular aspect in detail, and therefore some tips have been highlighted below. After incorporating all these proven tips in a perfect way, you will definitely be able to see a drastic improvement in terms of the response rate.

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This is How You Should Use White Space in Design

Every designer aims to reflect perfection through his work. But, each one of them has a unique, or I should say, different definition of the word perfection. Among a diverse range of designers, there are some who prefer to accentuate simplicity and elegance from each design they come up with.

If you are fond of this practice or looking for ways to incorporate white pace to your design, this blog is surely going to be a helpful read for you. Because, it consists of some technically flawless ways that will be handy for you to make the best use of white space in design.

Let’s check them out one by one. Continue Reading →


The Sophisticated Art of Calligraphy

People love art, be it in the form of painting, sculpture or handicraft. An exquisite art not only delights the soul of the observer, but also his mind by beautifully conveying the meaning behind its artistic patterns, curves and shapes.

Calligraphy is the prime form of art that alone dominates all other forms. Especially, Arabic calligraphy is highly praised, adored and respected by people around the globe. It is not only the Muslim community that exalts this classic art, but even westerns have revered its beautiful abstracts and well-balanced strokes for ages. Continue Reading →


Tips You Need for a Frictionless Mobile User Experience

An app’s ability to make its presence felt heavily relies on the approach you, as a designer, take. Because, a user has enormous options to find the ultimate solution he is looking for. And, if he doesn’t find it through your app, he won’t bother to move on and look for what your competitor has to offer.

Reality is usually bitter, but it can be of your choice if you are smart both technically and strategically. Similar is the case for a frictionless mobile user experience.

It is important for you to humanize your approach and ensure that once your prospect uses the app, he gets his answer right away.

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Why Animated Logos for Your Business?

Without having a fascinating logo, it is merely not possible for a company to signify an enthralling corporate identity. This little yet impactful component makes sure that your business has a unique, customer-focused and versatile image.

To make it happen, it surely becomes important for you to come up with a logo that strikes your audience right away. And, this is where animated logos are always handy. They look modern, sleek and sophisticated. Also, such a logo type showcases an inclusive view of what a particular brand is all about. Continue Reading →


The Entire Team of QousQazah Wishes You a Very Happy Diwali

The day we all have been waiting for has finally come.

We get so much excited about Diwali, no? And, why shouldn’t we!

Diwali is the day that brings along countless happiness and togetherness. It is the occasion that is not only celebrated at fullest, but also gives us a reason to spend quality time with our loved ones.

Therefore, to make your Diwali even better, we are giving tremendous discounts on our services, which include greeting card designing, business cards designing, stationery designing, brochure designing, social media banner designing and many more.

So, hurry up. Be the first one to wish your customers with intriguing Diwali-themed greeting cards and social media banners.

And yes, Happy Diwali once again. (:


Best Practices for Creating an Awesome “Coming Soon” Landing Page

A strong website is the one that offers an incredible user experience till the end of a buyer’s journey. This is where landing pages have got the most integral value. Because, these are the pages that define a customer’s journey and help him attain satisfaction.

Apart from several types of landing pages, there is one page that is totally unique in its nature and holds amazing power to attract the audience and convert it to a potential lead, even before the launch of a website.

Yes, you have got that right. A “coming soon” landing page!

Whether you are launching your company or planning to introduce a new product to the market, a coming soon landing page has the ability to set the tone.

This particular landing page, if used wisely, can turn out to be an amazing lead conversion machine. Therefore, we have shared some absolutely proven best practices to help you design an awesome coming soon landing page.

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Corporate Identity Designing for Elsuhd Net

With the advent of technology, connectivity is no more considered a daunting task. In fact, it is just a matter of seconds to have a conversation with your family, friends, professional colleagues and employees with a click of a button.

This is where a perfect internet connection does the job. And, Elsuhd Net is making it happen in just the way you want. Apart from that, the company also offers web hosting, VOIP, surveillance cameras and server maintenance services. So, it is not wrong to consider Elsuhd Net as a one stop-solution for secured business communication and networking.

However, despite of having a big name in the industry, Elsuhd Net wanted to establish a flawless corporate identity, and we made sure to do justice with our job.

Therefore, below mentioned is a two-step process that we have incorporated for signifying an aesthetically powerful and professional corporate identity of Elsuhd Net. Continue Reading →


Best Package Design Sources for Influential Branding

If your brand is everything to you, then you should never compromise on any single aspect that helps it connect with the intended audience, just the way they want.

Among several integral components of an influential branding, package designing is certainly one of the primary gripping factors that enhances the impact of your branding practices and compels your prospects to respond positively.

With this, it is quite obvious that packaging designs can make a difference.

Therefore, to give your brand a mesmerizing identity, we have jotted down a short but meaningful list of best package design sources.

Let’s check them out one by one. Continue Reading →