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How to a Market a Design

For a graphic designer, turning ideas into creative works is a like breathing…it just comes naturally. However, when it comes to marketing their personal project just to earn some recognition and maybe few bucks, they are helpless and often hopeless. Since they are not marketers, but designers, marketing their own design is obviously going to difficult for them unless they hire a professional, but no one is going to do that for their personal projects.

Here, we have laid out some helpful tips for designers to market their own designs without getting help from any professional. Continue Reading →


Brochure Design Tips for Effective Marketing

The ultimate aim of every business is to sell their product or service to another business or directly to customers given that competition exists. With the passage of time, consumer preferences and tastes change and manufacturers have to identify those changes instantly to meet consumer demands at all times. As they bring slight changes to their products or services, they need to convey those changes to the targeted audience to not only maintain but improve current sales. So how do they convey it?

Keeping the digital media aside, one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing and product awareness is a brochure. Continue Reading →


4 Essential Questions To Define Your Brand

“Brand is the promise, the big idea, and the expectations that reside in each customer’s mind about the product, service or company. Branding is about making an emotional connection.”  -Alina Wheeler

We are familiar with many different brands’ logos. For example, if you see Nike’s check sign or Apple’s eaten apple, you can recognize these products anywhere. But is the logo enough for its popularity? Does the techniques or designing used in creating that logo, enough to make it a favorite brand? Well! I do not agree with it. A brand is incomplete without its customer’s satisfaction. Continue Reading →


Does Your Business Need a Logo or Brand Identity?

What is a logo?

One thing that you need to clear is that your logo is not your brand. It is a design that conveys your company’s type. It is one of the most critical tools to advertise your company and gives your company the identity that instantly attracts the potential customers.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the worldly perspective of your company. It delivers the business’ aims, promises, values, and message and helps to differentiate you from your competitors. It is a reflection of everything you are.

Logo vs. Brand Identity:

A logo is only a symbol that represents your company whereas a brand identity is much more than that. Brand identity will set forward a set of outlined visuals and guidelines regarding the company’s personality.

Which one does your business need? Continue Reading →


When Is It the Right Time to Rebrand?

Have you ever got a feeling looking at yourself in the mirror that the same old wardrobe style you’ve been carrying for so long has to go away? It’s the same with branding. Every company that’s running a competitive race has to stay in the market and make sure that they keep restyling themselves to attract enough audience. That is where an experienced branding agency steps in. Rebranding can increase the marketing value of your company and enable you to target and reach new audiences.

Rebranding services can range from subtle transformations to some serious makeovers. It could be a change of the color of your firm’s logo or the entire logo itself! However, the extent of the change mainly depends on the company’s evolution.

All the efforts at renewing your company’s brand hit the jackpot when you know precisely the right time to opt for a rebrand.

So, when is the right time to rebrand? Continue Reading →


Importance of Typography in Designing

Designing has been a crucial part of branding for a very long time now but the trends are changing constantly. Creative agencies are trying their best to remain up-to-date with the changing trends to fulfill the designing needs of brands. One extremely important feature in designing today is typography because it apparently gives meaning to a logo or any other design.

While it is true that the content quality matters but when it comes to design, typography plays a greater role than the content itself. Imagine you prepare a presentation with exceptionally well-researched data but the slides are dry and unattractive. It ruins the experience for viewers!

Before we move on to the role of typography in design, let us distinguish between two main features of typography Continue Reading →


4 Ways to Transform Your Design Ideas Into Reality

Creativity is to bring ‘out of the box’ ideas to life. Many great designers face the challenge of creating something unique and praise-worthy. However, individuals with little or no experience of professional designing will experience a hard time with such tasks as they are ‘newbies’ in the field.

Sometimes, all they have is a chaos of jumbled up ideas which are hard to implement. They are not able to get the right ‘push’ or motivation to transform the raw concepts into reality. However, ideas are the first step to create something unusual. Here are some tips to help you transform your concepts into reality. Continue Reading →


4 Effectual Branding Tips for Startups

All the big brand names you hear all around the world today were once unknown as they were recently established. The masterminds behind these brands worked day and night to differentiate their brand from others and gain market share and loyalty over time. This should be enough to motivate you as the owner of a startup aiming to grow your brand’s name.

Given the competition in the corporate world, it is not easy to make your brand recognized and you have to keep several things in mind before designing a strategy. So, following are four most important branding tips you must consider in your branding plan: Continue Reading →


4 Incredible Tips for Web Personalization

Websites play a major role in the digital world. Companies use websites for different purposes including, but not limited to, online selling, earning revenue via ads, delivering information about business and the list goes on. Whatever the purpose is, customers would love to get the level of importance that other similar websites do not offer.

One major way of winning more customers and retaining the old ones is by personalizing websites for them. Personalization helps improve customer engagement and makes a website interactive. It basically recognizes the customer via their preferences and demographics and then personalizes the webpage accordingly.

A great example is YouTube in which the type of videos most frequently watched will show up as you visit the website and it would be different for every visitor. Is that not amazing? Continue Reading →


App Design Trends for 2018

From individual entrepreneurs with small startups to some of the finest Multinational Corporations around the world, almost every business now require a mobile application. It is because an app contributes significantly to the market size and customer loyalty of an organization and its products.

Considering the fact that people carry smartphones all the time, companies are emphasizing more on mobile apps and constantly trying to improve it using latest trends.

Users of an app have numerous substitutes in this era so they do not spend more than a few minutes exploring an app. If the users find it unattractive or complicated in any way, they will never come back to your app. It is, for this reason, you must follow the latest trends in app design to achieve success.

So, following are some app design trends that are popular and crucial in 2018: Continue Reading →