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Logo and Website Designing for An Online Learning Portal in UAE

Learning enhances your ability to understand things more deeply and grooms your skills to be the smartest lad in professional life. This is where short courses are always a handy solution that not only upgrade your knowledge, but also make you compatible with the ever-changing corporate world.

Virtual Campus, an online learning portal in UAE, is just about it.

The portal has been started with an aim of providing top quality short courses to people belonging to any profession, so that they can achieve what is meant for them. Apart from this, Virtual Campus also offers transcription and editing services for connecting businesses to their respective audiences in a convincing manner.

So, this was a short story about Virtual Campus. And, it is actually a true honor for our company to be their designing consultants. From logo designing to website development, we took every possible step that can assure brilliance. Therefore, we thought to share a little glimpse of it. Continue Reading →


Storytelling with Design: Let’s Make It Simple

Telling a story has become an integral part of branding. Whether you own a startup or already have an established business, your brand’s story will define your goals and distinguish you from others. But sometimes, blending a story with design and making it Steller becomes an intimidating job. Therefore, we though to make this process a little easier for you.

Storytelling with design!

With the below mentioned proven techniques, you can easily amalgamate your story with design to drive immense brand value.

Let’s do this… Continue Reading →


How A Designer Should Boost Confidence for Taking His Skills to the Sky

A designer’s job is all about creativity. If his brain doesn’t work smartly, he doesn’t deserve to be known as a designer. It is as simple as that…

There are hundreds of thousands of designers practicing their field in every part of the world. But, not all of them have accomplished success. It is just because they lack CONFIDENCE.

Although the creative aspect of such type of designers might be a lot better than others, but they lack the ability to make conversions. And, this is what will be the center of our discussion.

Lack of confidence in designers and how to overcome this poison that is eating out all of their charisma! Continue Reading →


4 UX Mistakes that Are Ruining Your Design

If you are a web designer, you certainly know how crucial it is to come up with a design that is favorable to your respective audience by all means.

But, most of the time, in order to do the best, we try to incorporate different ideas and assume them as the ultimate ways of guiding the users. In reality, all those efforts go in vain.

Have you ever thought about the UX steps that you imply for good, but in actual, they are turning to be the real destroyers of your design’s readability?

I think it is the right time to take them into consideration and look out for ways to fix all such issues for offering a robust experience to the end user. And trust me, this is what you are going to learn from here.

This blog comprises of four extremely gigantic UX mistakes that are negatively affecting your design and eventually offering a pathetic user experience. Continue Reading →


Branding for HMB Engineering Consultants

If you have the courage, you can conquer just anything in the world.

This is the kind of approach and energy we incorporate to our work and it pays off eventually in the form of projects like HMB Engineering Consultants.

HMB Engineering Consultants, as the name suggests, is an engineering consulting company, providing services for the design and construction of civil engineering projects in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. And, it has been a true honor for us to be their designing and branding consultants.

It is just because of the reason we have decided to share with you the key steps that we implemented to make sure that HMB Engineering Consultants has a fine brand identity on both online and offline platforms.

So, let’s get started with the first one. Continue Reading →


Best of the Best Free Logo Mockup PSDs for Your Logo Designs

Logo mockup is just a phenomenal way to signify a completely realistic view of how the logo will look like in the real world. Fortunately, the internet is occupied with hundreds of thousands of mockup PSDs.

However, recognizing the one that can work in accordance with your logo’s theme can be a daunting task. It is just because of the reason we thought to make this process a little easier for you guys. Therefore, below you will find a collection of best of the best free logo mockup PSDS that will surely give your logo designs a solid boost to shine. Continue Reading →


Corporate Identity Solutions for An Online Home Services App, Clikat

We all usually come across a lot of online stores on the internet, offering a variety of services and catering their respective audiences in a pretty good manner. But, there are only a couple of brands that offer online home services, including your daily grocery, laundry, house maintenance, cleaning services at your doorstep. And, this is where Clikat holds a vital position all across Dubai.

Clikat, with its efficient and purely customer-centric solutions, has become a significant home services app in just a short span of time. But, the brand didn’t stop there, as it knew the impacts of having a visually appealing corporate identity for adding more professionalism and sophistication to its brand’s image.

This is where the team of QousQazah has been contacted. And, we made sure to fulfill all their expectations by providing gratifying corporate identity solutions.

Want to know how it all happened? Let’s dig down deeper! Continue Reading →


Let Your Newsletter Design Enthrall Your Leads with these Best Practices

If you are considering email newsletter as a conventional and less focused strategy to nurture leads and convert them into customers, then you are absolutely wrong.

Yes, emails and newsletters are still in the race and used amazingly to communicate with prospects and cater their needs with best of the best information. But, the fact is, this entire journey is greatly reliant on the design of your newsletter template.

The more appealing, intellectual and reader-centric the design of your newsletter is, the better chances you have to drive results out of it.

So, what are the key design elements that can make your newsletter an impactful bridge for getting a step closer to your prospects? Well, this is what we are going to reveal right here. Continue Reading →


Pro Rules for Designing Effectual Billboards

Alright, you have been asked by your creative head to design a billboard ad for one of the company’s prestigious clients. Also, he wants you to give your best shot as the client expects something cool, attention grabbing and completely out of the box.

Well, this is the kind of situation that requires you to be incredibly creative, because making your design over crowded with unnecessary information will not do the magic. In fact, this approach will add your work to the same group of pathetic and conventional billboard designs that say a lot of crap.

So, keeping in view the need of the hour, we have mentioned and talked about a couple of PRO rules to help you design effectual billboards.

By applying such rules perfectly, we are sure that you will come up with a superior billboard design to meet your client’s expectation. Continue Reading →


Design Web Banner Ads that Drive Value

For many marketers, web banner ads have become an old school method of driving traffic to any website. However, many still believe that this particular approach has got real potential for not only increasing a website’s traffic, but also for driving value which eventually helps a brand to grow.

So, how you are going to design web banner ads that drive value?

Well, this is what will be the center of our discussion here, as we have shed light to a couple of integral points that will surely assist you in designing value added web banner ads.

Let’s dive in… Continue Reading →