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The Entire Team of QousQazah Wishes You a Very Happy Diwali

The day we all have been waiting for has finally come.

We get so much excited about Diwali, no? And, why shouldn’t we!

Diwali is the day that brings along countless happiness and togetherness. It is the occasion that is not only celebrated at fullest but also gives us a reason to spend quality time with our loved ones.

Therefore, to make your Diwali even better, we are giving tremendous discounts on our services, which include greeting card designing, business cards designing, stationery designing, brochure designing, social media banner designing and many more.

So, hurry up. Be the first one to wish your customers with intriguing Diwali-themed greeting cards and social media banners.

And yes, Happy Diwali once again. (:


4 Tips to Designing a Letterhead for Impactful Branding

When it comes to branding, it is extremely vital to keep an eye on every single aspect that can be useful for representing a professional side of your company. And trust me, a letterhead is one of those valuable assets.

A well-crafted business letterhead enhances your company’s identity by reflecting a sophisticated face of it. But unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and enthusiastic business individuals give less significance to this extremely crucial component. And hence, stay away from experiencing the taste of what we call “impactful branding”.

It is just because of the reason I thought to shed proper light to this neglected part by revealing some astonishing tips to designing a letterhead for impactful branding.

But, before digging in deeper, I want to clarify one thing. All the below mentioned tips are absolutely proven and approved by the design panel of QousQazah. So, feel free to incorporate them in accordance with your business theme. Continue Reading →

strategies to overcome creative burnout

Designer’s Block: Foolproof Strategies to Overcome Creative Burnout

It is merely impossible to keep the creative pulse flowing all the time. As a designer, creativity is considered to be your strongest weapon. But sometimes, it doesn’t respond the way you want. Whether you are experienced in designing custom logos, personal and corporate websites or illustrations, a designer’s block can trouble you anytime without asking for permission.

So, what, according to you, is a legitimate method to avoid such a critical phase? Any thought provoking idea?

If no, then keep on reading…

We use to talk a lot about design trends and technicalities to enhance your skills and knowledge. But, we honestly believe that it is an appropriate time to discuss this topic in detail and provide you with valuable solutions. Therefore, below mentioned are the foolproof strategies to overcome creative burnout tremendously. Continue Reading →


Top WordPress Testimonial Plugins to Cash the Potential Customers

Having a great number of website visitors is a remarkable achievement, but it could turn out to be a blessing if that audience is converted into potential customers.

See, people visit websites to get what they want and when they plan to buy something online, they look for positive feedbacks from the existing customers or anything that builds up the credibility.

This is where testimonials play a fantastic role.

If you are a WordPress fan, then you are certainly going to be benefited from this blog, as here we are sharing a couple of useful and absolutely results-driven WordPress testimonial plugins for you.

All the below mentioned plugins are tested on various projects and they proved to be reliable with respect to their features and usability. Continue Reading →


Team QousQazah Wishes You a Very Happy, Robust & Prosperous New Year

New Year is just a few hours away from us.

You must be planning to turn it into a super amazing year for you, right? Well, same is the case for everyone out there.

We all make some serious resolutions before the start of every New Year. However, some of them get accomplished, while others remain in dust. Many of us get serious about lifestyle and stop eating unhygienic food. On the other hand, a lot of people get more focused towards achieving career goals.

When it comes to the corporate world, companies that have been remarkable in 2016 might be working out for more vitality, whereas startups will be looking forward to find the momentum.

It is our life and this is how it has to be. Continue Reading →


Marketing Motivation: 4 Brands that are killing it on Facebook

There has been a lot of buzz about Facebook lately related to its future and how it’s going to help brands establish their names in such a tough and highly competitive marketplace.

The whole speculation started off when new social platforms captivated the attention. Although it’s true that networks such as Instagram, Snapchat and many others have enhanced the social experience of users, but Facebook always has a unique way of treating its audience.

Similar is the case for brands as well.

Unlike other social channels, Facebook doesn’t restrict anyone to just a few characters, which eventually help brands market themselves appropriately.   So, it’s just because of the reason we’ve shortlisted four brands that are simply killing it on Facebook through their impressive marketing approach. Continue Reading →


A Very Happy Eid-ul-Azha to Everyone From Team Qous Qazah

Eid is a name that brings happiness, joy and excitement to our faces. But apart from all our celebrations, activities and family gatherings, do we really remember people who don’t even have new clothes and basic necessities to celebrate Eid at its fullest?

So this Eid, let’s make a commitment to ourselves that we would share our smile and pleasure with those who need us. Similarly, in order to garnish your Eid with lots of excitement and great memories, we are extremely proud and excited to announce our GRAND DISCOUNT OFFER. Continue Reading →


Let’s Celebrate this Eid Like Never Before

Yes, you deserve this day because “Allah is with those who restrain themselves” [16: 128].

It’s the best time for you to reestablish weakened relationships. So, go out with your families, meet your relatives and spend quality time with them to make the most of each and every moment of this precious day.

With that saying, team Qous Qazah wishes you a very blessed Eid and we truly pray that you see many more days like this in your life.

God bless you all 🙂