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5 Ways How You Can Become a Better Artist in 2019

Art plays a major role in our lives, and paying attention to little details could make a huge difference to your artwork. There are many aspects to make your artwork stand out. I will highlight some of the basics that will help you ace your career as an artist, or just get you more involved in your hobby. So try to implement the following tips to create your next masterpiece. Continue Reading →

techniques of rebranding

Efficient Techniques of Rebranding

Branding is an important concept for many years because a brand gives your products a separate identity. It differentiates your products and services from that of competitors and this affects the market share you have. The ultimate aim of brands is to win customer loyalty after going through a rigorous process of brand awareness, brand positioning and actually selling the products.

Why Rebrand? Continue Reading →


Branding for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations, as the name suggest, exist to operate for the goodwill and service of community or nature without any aim of earning a profit. Nonprofit organizations simply exist to make an impact in a community that will bring positive change. For this nonprofit needs a branding strategy that can help them create such an expectation. Continue Reading →


Tips to Repair Online Reputation

No matter how good your brand is or how many loyal or delighted customers you have, you cannot keep all your customers happy every time. Sometimes it happens that a customer has a bad experience with your product or service, for example, due to a mistake of your employee. Such customers often share their bad experience on social media, blog or some news article. The result is that your brand ends up with a negative reputation on the Internet. Continue Reading →


4 Effectual Branding Tips for Startups

All the big brand names you hear all around the world today were once unknown as they were recently established. The masterminds behind these brands worked day and night to differentiate their brand from others and gain market share and loyalty over time. This should be enough to motivate you as the owner of a startup aiming to grow your brand’s name.

Given the competition in the corporate world, it is not easy to make your brand recognized and you have to keep several things in mind before designing a strategy. So, following are four most important branding tips you must consider in your branding plan: Continue Reading →


How we improved On-Site Search Results for Tech-Bazaar

If you own an e-commerce store, then ‘search’ definitely acts as an active salesperson that introduces your potential audiences with all the best deals and offers your store has got.

Unfortunately, a lot of UX experts and creative think tanks never think this way while designing an online store. But, if you want better conversions, you need to consider your store’s on-site search result as an integral element and make sure that it helps your customers find the desired products quite swiftly.

To make it happen, we thought to share some absolutely tested tips that are sure enough to improve the UX of on-site search results. We took for example Tech-Bazaar which is a refurbished laptops and computer selling company for whom we had made an e-commerce website take as an example

So, let’s explore some facts that define the main functions and selling points… Continue Reading →


4 Tips for Creating Remarkable Push Notifications

So, you have got an app. Sounds good!

You know that you are not the only one having an app, right? The app store is packed with thousands of apps, and there is a possibility that the type of app you own is not something new to the market.

The digital age has made everything so accessible to consumers, which push the service providers to innovate within their domains. However, there is an extremely vital component that can provide your audience with a very personalized experience through your app. And, that is none other than a “push notification”.

We thought to talk about this particular aspect in detail, and therefore some tips have been highlighted below. After incorporating all these proven tips in a perfect way, you will definitely be able to see a drastic improvement in terms of the response rate.

Let’s dive in… Continue Reading →


Tips You Need for a Frictionless Mobile User Experience

An app’s ability to make its presence felt heavily relies on the approach you, as a designer, take. Because a user has enormous options to find the ultimate solution he is looking for. And, if he doesn’t find it through your app, he won’t bother to move on and look for what your competitor has to offer.

Reality is usually bitter, but it can turn out to be amazing if you are smart both technically and strategically. Similar is the case for a frictionless mobile user experience.

It is important for you to humanize your approach and ensure that once your prospect uses the app, he gets his answer right away.

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Best Practices for Creating an Awesome “Coming Soon” Landing Page

A strong website is the one that offers an incredible user experience until the end of a buyer’s journey. This is where landing pages have got the most integral value. Because these are the pages that define a customer’s journey and help him attain satisfaction.

Apart from several types of landing pages, there is one page that is totally unique in its nature and holds the amazing power to attract the audience and convert it to a potential lead, even before the launch of a website.

Yes, you have got that right. A “coming soon” landing page!

Whether you are launching your company or planning to introduce a new product to the market, a coming soon landing page has the ability to set the tone.

This particular landing page, if used wisely, can turn out to be an amazing lead conversion machine. Therefore, we have shared some absolutely proven best practices to help you design an awesome coming soon landing page.

Ready? Let’s dive in… Continue Reading →