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Best Practices for Creating an Awesome “Coming Soon” Landing Page

A strong website is the one that offers an incredible user experience till the end of a buyer’s journey. This is where landing pages have got the most integral value. Because, these are the pages that define a customer’s journey and help him attain satisfaction.

Apart from several types of landing pages, there is one page that is totally unique in its nature and holds amazing power to attract the audience and convert it to a potential lead, even before the launch of a website.

Yes, you have got that right. A “coming soon” landing page!

Whether you are launching your company or planning to introduce a new product to the market, a coming soon landing page has the ability to set the tone.

This particular landing page, if used wisely, can turn out to be an amazing lead conversion machine. Therefore, we have shared some absolutely proven best practices to help you design an awesome coming soon landing page.

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Corporate Identity Designing for Elsuhd Net

With the advent of technology, connectivity is no more considered a daunting task. In fact, it is just a matter of seconds to have a conversation with your family, friends, professional colleagues and employees with a click of a button.

This is where a perfect internet connection does the job. And, Elsuhd Net is making it happen in just the way you want. Apart from that, the company also offers web hosting, VOIP, surveillance cameras and server maintenance services. So, it is not wrong to consider Elsuhd Net as a one stop-solution for secured business communication and networking.

However, despite of having a big name in the industry, Elsuhd Net wanted to establish a flawless corporate identity, and we made sure to do justice with our job.

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Best Package Design Sources for Influential Branding

If your brand is everything to you, then you should never compromise on any single aspect that helps it connect with the intended audience, just the way they want.

Among several integral components of an influential branding, package designing is certainly one of the primary gripping factors that enhances the impact of your branding practices and compels your prospects to respond positively.

With this, it is quite obvious that packaging designs can make a difference.

Therefore, to give your brand a mesmerizing identity, we have jotted down a short but meaningful list of best package design sources.

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Top Reader-Centric WordPress Themes for Food Bloggers

This digital age offers a plethora of opportunities to every skilled individual who wants to step ahead in his respective industry. Similarly, hundreds of food experts, chefs and foodies are making their presence felt by connecting with their intended audiences through a reader-centric food blog.

With this, it certainly means that you need to stand out to grab immediate attention of your audience. And, to do this, selecting a ravishing WordPress theme should be your primary focus.

Don’t worry, we have already done the difficult part for you!

Yes, after testing and evaluating several themes, we have shortlisted top reader-centric WordPress themes for food bloggers.

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Highlights of the Best One-Page WordPress Themes of 2017

No matter what type of site you are planning to come up with, WordPress is the CMS that comprises of every crucial component to fulfill all your requirements in the most convenient way. And, if you want to showcase only the important and relevant content through your business website, then one-page layout can turn out to a stunning web design style.

Although one -page web designs are not highly recommended from the perspective of SEO, but if you are doing the basics right, you can transform your site into a SEO-Friendly version too.

A single-page layout will give you the freedom to define your company with a subtle contemporary touch, and to make things easy for you, we have done the difficult part.

Yes, this blog is a highlight of the best one-page WordPress themes of 2017.

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4 Must-Haves for a Perfect SEO-Friendly Web Design

The website of your business acts like a gateway for your prospects that helps them get a comprehensive view of what your brand is all about and the values it offers. With that in mind, it obviously becomes crucial to redefine the look of your website so that more visitors can get converted into leads.

However, what if your audience can’t find your website on search engines?

Yes, this should be kept in mind because websites that rank on the first page of Google have better chances to grab a good number of visitors. Unfortunately, if you are not there, you miss the chance. But, having a SEO-friendly web design can make it a win-win situation for you.

This is what we are going to talk about – a perfect SEO-friendly web design. And to make this blog a useful material, we have shed light towards some essential components that will make this process a little easier. Continue Reading →


6 Beautiful Free Brush Fonts for Designers

An impeccable design requires an inclusive process that involves a lot of crucial aspects which, if not incorporated flawlessly, can ruin the entire effort. Every single component of your design does its job, whereas fonts are considered to be the major one.

Without a brilliant use of fonts, your design can’t define its purpose and connect with the audience in just the way you want. Be it a script, serif, calligraphy, cursive or brush font, it has to have a unique touch that resonates with the design’s theme and appeals viewers to grasp the message.

This blog is centered around brush fonts as we have already discussed about others previously. Therefore, we have listed down six of the best brush fonts that are surely going to enhance the aesthetics of your design and make it look immaculate in all aspects. Continue Reading →


Practically Proven Ways for Designing Drop-Down Menus

We are always so much concern about the optimization of our websites so that they can rank remarkably on search engines.

The mentality is pretty nice and obvious, because if your website is not visible to the audience you are intending to cater, your efforts will go in vain. However, despite of having ranked on the top, if your website doesn’t offer an awesome user-experience, you will more likely to lose the attention of your prospects.

Your website should be able to guide your visitors and help them get what they have come for. This is where a drop-down menu can play a dynamic role. But unfortunately, majority of websites make this menu a little complicated to understand that ultimately distracts the prospects and force them to leave.

Here, you are going to learn practically proven ways for designing drop-down menus. We have made sure to enhance your grasp on this crucial component of a web design. As this way, you will definitely realize a dramatic change on the conversation rate of your website. Continue Reading →


This is How You Should Brand Your WordPress Blog

Blogging is no more about publishing a post, sharing it on social channels and creating backlinks to improve search engine rankings. In fact, it has now become an experience that nurtures a lead and converts it into a potential customer. And, blogging with WordPress, makes this entire process a little easier for bloggers who genuinely have no expertise in coding.

Therefore, if you have been practicing traditional blogging techniques, then it is the time to step ahead. With this, I certainly mean that you should work out a strategy to turn your blog into a brand that people can get connected with. A blog that can guide people to take actions.

For this, we have highlighted some key elements that will surely help you brand your WordPress blog. Continue Reading →


4 Best Sites to Find Free Fonts

Just like we need oxygen to breath and stay alive, similarly without making an appropriate use of typography, a design can’t strike its audience. Fonts are considered to be a significant component that not only completes a design, but gives it an enthralling look to grab attention.

Be it a signage, mobile app or any product’s packaging, fonts have the power to make or break the entire momentum. Therefore, hundreds of websites are available on internet that specifically serve the needs of designers in terms of fonts. Majority of them offer fonts for free, but sorting out the best options can be a hefty job.

We understand it. And, to make this process pretty simple, we have jotted down the best sites to find free fonts.

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