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3 Results-Driven Tips to Design Order Page

For an e-commerce website, one of the biggest concern is cart abandonment. The problem is, potential buyers, add products to their carts, but they don’t proceed to the checkout page. There can be many reasons why users abandon the checkout process. It can be due to indecisive nature of users, it could be price or discount, but mostly it is due to the user experience on the checkout page.

When it comes to designing a checkout page, many e-commerce websites make the mistake of not optimizing the UI and UX of the checkout page. Tweaking UI and UX design of a checkout can easily improve the conversion rate and cart abandonment rate. Here are few tips in this regard. Continue Reading →


Tips to Design Website that Converts

The primary purpose of a business website is either to inform the prospects or turn visitors into leads and eventually customers. Therefore, it is important to design a website with this goal in mind. A website that fails to catch leads has no use for a business. This is why we must include elements on the website that can make it easy for visitors to turn into leads.

In this blog post, we take a look at those elements and how you can incorporate them into your next web design so you can create a website that converts. Continue Reading →


4 Incredible Tips for Web Personalization

Websites play a major role in the digital world. Companies use websites for different purposes including, but not limited to, online selling, earning revenue via ads, delivering information about business and the list goes on. Whatever the purpose is, customers would love to get the level of importance that other similar websites do not offer.

One major way of winning more customers and retaining the old ones is by personalizing websites for them. Personalization helps improve customer engagement and makes a website interactive. It basically recognizes the customer via their preferences and demographics and then personalizes the webpage accordingly.

A great example is YouTube in which the type of videos most frequently watched will show up as you visit the website and it would be different for every visitor. Is that not amazing? Continue Reading →


Logo Designing and Website Designing for MAB Food Trucks

Starting a food business sounds easy, but the reality is absolutely different. From taste to quality, everything should be given equal importance for living up to the expectations of customers. MAB Food Trucks has a solid understanding of this concept, which is why it makes sure that the right tools are provided to the customers so they can start their street food business anywhere in the UAE.

However, MAB Food Trucks didn’t want to stop there. In fact, the company wanted to give a professional touch to its corporate identity that could also unlock a plethora of opportunities to expand the business across all the online platforms.

QousQazah made sure that this happens in just the way MAB Food Trucks expects.

Keep on reading to find out how… Continue Reading →


Logo Designing & Brochure Designing for Rotana Laundry

Whether you are the owner of a small-sized company or running one of the gigantic firms, you need to keep your business updated with respect to the preferences and behaviors of your potential customers. Because this age of business evolution demands customer-centricity within your approach. And, if you are not smart enough to react this way, your business will have solid reasons to be outpaced.

This is what Rotana Laundry is aware of, and therefore wants to make sure that its identity reflects a customer-focused appeal with a subtle touch of uniqueness. So, the team at QousQazah delivered exactly what Rotana desired to have.

Let’s check out the details! Continue Reading →


Top Web Design Trends to Look for in 2018

Alright, it is that time of the year again when you should start refreshing your web design approach in accordance with the trends that are going to be impactful. Because in this age of digitalization, this is the only way to make your brand’s online presence shine.

What is working today might not work for tomorrow. It is a fact that you can’t deny. However, you can always stay ahead of your competitors by keeping your web design approach a little trendy. And, this blog is certainly going to do just that…

Being a graphic design and branding agency, we have a thorough understanding of the market and what customers demand. Therefore, we would like you to take a look at the web design trends that will assure you a definite win in 2018. Continue Reading →


Corporate Identity Designing for Arzaz Kitchen

Running a restaurant business requires you to be mentally tough and smart. Because there is an immense competition out there. If you are not working with the right methodology and serving your customers with the pathetic quality of food, you are going nowhere.

Arzaz Kitchen understands the fact and makes sure that its customers are fully satisfied with the quality of food and service. As the literal meaning of Arzaz is “Rice”, so you can easily expect what the kitchen primarily focuses on. Yes, Arzaz only serves the dishes that are made of rice, but the variety, uniqueness of the recipes and taste is what sets it apart.

Also, the people at Arzaz are pretty much aware of the fact that having a profound online presence with mesmerizing corporate identity opens up a door to unparalleled growth and success. QousQazah has been doing it for years. And, this is what encouraged Arzaz to get in touch with us.

So, below mentioned is the step-by-step process that has been incorporated to do corporate identity designing for Arzaz Kitchen. Continue Reading →