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Corporate Identity Designing for WM Waste Management

Waste management industry is not something we hear about every day. There are not many companies, all over the world, that offer waste management facilities the way they should to be promised. However, WM Waste Management is the name that stands out with authentic reasons.

The company is located in Sohar, a port city in Oman’s northern coast. But, expanded its horizon to all across the country with uncompromised top-quality waste management services.  The services it offers comprised of city cleaning, waste collections, road sweeping, waste recycling and janitorial cleaning.

The best thing about WM Waste Management is, it understands the significance of having a robust corporate identity. And therefore, we have been contacted.

After having discussions with the officials and reviewing the company’s core objectives, we have come up with a results-driven corporate identity design strategy, and this is how the entire process got started: Continue Reading →


Time to Get Your Hands on the Best WordPress Blog Themes

Blogging is no more just about writing. In fact, it is an overall procedure that educates, nurtures and converts your prospects into potential leads. Undoubtedly, blogging is a key medium that helps you connect with your audience and establishes a long-term relationship with them. But, all this comes through a remarkable experience that your reader receives when he visits your blog.

WordPress is an amazing open source platform to make it happen and you all know this very well. However, selecting an appropriate theme for your blog can be a bit challenging because of unlimited available options. And, this is the time when you need to make a sensible decision, so that your blog has all the right reasons to grab attention right away.

To make things a lot easier for you, we have listed down some of the best WordPress blog themes below. Each one of them is designed with a purpose to provide a remarkable reading experience to your audience. So, let’s check them out! Continue Reading →


Brand Identity Design for Glam on Wheels

We have worked with hundreds of thousands of clients since the inception of QousQazah, and every one of them responded positively about the services we have provided. To be honest, this feels like a big achievement. And, we go crazy about it.

Recently, we have been working for Glam on Wheels, a Doha-based startup that provides beauty services at home. The company uses a beauty van and is always just a call away to give you a glamorous look and feel.

However, if any company wants to make its presence felt, it should have a defined brand identity to guide customers. As this way, customers feel more connected to the brand and find many reasons to consider it as the best option to avail services.

This is exactly what we have aimed to craft for Glam on Wheels – a result-driven brand identity design to turn things their way.

Want to know how we have done it all? Keep on reading… Continue Reading →


Why Your Business Should Have a Remarkable Website?

Why exactly your business needs to have a website?

We talk about latest web design trends, best practices and so much more about a website. But, let’s go back to the basics and ask ourselves a simple question, “why do we need a website?”.

This is the type of question that should be answered first to come up with a purely customer-centric version of a website. And, keeping this little yet result-driven aspect in mind, we thought to share with you some practically proven factors that will help you understand the significance of having a remarkable website of your business.

Let’s get started… Continue Reading →


Web Design Trends that Have Been Impactful in 2017 So Far

Web design is an ever-changing landscape where you, as a designer, have to keep your eyes open so that you can stay aware of modern trends and techniques.  It is true, especially in this user-focused era where user-experience means everything, you can’t think of going wrong anyhow.

2017 has been an interesting year so far from a user’s perspective. They are more mature now and like to take decisions on the basis of quality and an overall pleasant experience. This is where a ravishing web design plays a remarkable role.

Keeping such an important aspect in mind, we thought to share some web design trends that have emerged incredibly in 2017 and look quite promising for the next couple of years as well. Continue Reading →


Best Practices of Designing Forms for Maximum Lead Conversion

A website acts more like a face that introduces your company to a wide range of audience and helps establish an impactful brand. With a remarkable website, you have all the power to connect with your prospects and assist them in finding solutions to their problems through your product or service.

Practically, everything I said above is achievable. But technically, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. And, designing forms is certainly one of them.

Without having reasonable forms on your website, you can’t convert your prospects into potential buyers. So, this area should be given equal significance, and therefore we are going to share some best practices of designing forms, so that you can have maximum opportunities for massive conversions. Continue Reading →


What Key Elements Your Brand’s Website Homepage Should Have?

In this digital era, it is merely impossible for your brand to mark its presence on the internet without having a remarkable website. Because, a website is the most significant online channel that introduces you to a wide range of audiences, signifies your products/services and provides you ample of opportunities to make your presence felt.

And when it comes to a website, homepage works as a backbone that makes or breaks your first impression towards a visitor. But unfortunately, a lot of brands are not doing justice with it. Therefore, we thought to pen down some key elements your brand’s website homepage should have to grab attention.

Read all of the below mentioned elements carefully because after incorporating them, you will realize a drastic boost in terms of user engagement and conversion optimization. Continue Reading →


4 Crucial Tips for Making Your Website Disability-Friendly

A flawless website works as a significant bridge that connects a brand with its respective customers. This is the kind of website which helps a prospect find solutions to his unsolved problems. And most importantly, you will always find these websites disability-friendly too.

People with disability issues like to read things in a simple manner. And, any website that is over crowded with excessive design elements doesn’t grab their attention. Therefore, if you want to make the most of your web presence, you certainly need to make it disability-friendly.

For this, we have narrowed down some crucial tips that will always help you bring subtle improvement to your web design partcularly for disabled users. Continue Reading →


4 Tips to Simplify Web Design for Phenomenal User Experience

Most of the time, we get over conscious about web designs. In result, we try to incorporate a blend of so many intellectual design elements together for accentuating a completely user centric view of our websites. Unfortunately, the reality is, things doesn’t work out this way. While, on the other hand, a simple web design with all effective ingredients proves to be successful in terms of great user experience.

Well, it is the truth!

We use to discuss a lot about design, user experience and user interface through our blog. But, going simple in all aspects is what considered to be something difficult. Therefore, we have penned down some basic tips for web design simplification which will certainly make your website favorable from a user’s perspective.  Continue Reading →


Are You a Minimalist? Then These WP Themes are Just for You

Sometimes, staying simple yet sophisticated works out as a great strategy to make impact in this digital age. This way, you get plenty of space to highlight your content while also making sure that your readers are grasping the core information you have intended to share.

So, if you are a minimalist and admire simplicity to connect with your respective people, then we surely have something special for you. Whether you own a blog, ecommerce store or just any type and size of business, we have narrowed down minimalist WP themes to fulfill all your needs.

Yes, absolutely right.

You can pick any of the below mentioned WP themes depending on the nature of work and goals to keep things flowing smoothly. Continue Reading →