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Icon Designing Made Easy with these Indispensable Tips

This digital landscape has so much to offer. And app design is one of its integral components that every other designer is crazy about these days. However, a critically acclaimed and completely user-centric app includes all the components to make itself one of a kind. This is where an icon works out as a face that introduces the app and establishes its strong identity for branding.

Do you know what? We are going to talk about it in detail right here, so that anyone of you who is deliberately working on an app understands the need of a professionally designed icon. Since we make sure to design stunning app icons for our clients, therefore we consider it as a responsibility to share a few expert tips to assist all the newcomers and even professionals.

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Questions You Must Ask Yourself When Evolving Your Brand Strategy

Fine… you want to step into the market with a completely new approach and mindset to serve your people.

Undoubtedly, the idea is pretty good.

However, if you really want to make it happen, you have to make a couple of strong promises to yourself because you already have a lot of competitors out there, doing extremely well within their domains. But, apart from all such hindrances, keep one thing in mind that nothing is impossible. And, if you choose the right approach, even overwhelming goals become quite easy to achieve.

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Want to Rock on Instagram? 4 Lessons You Should Learn from the Top Brands

A platform that grabs more than 300 million active users in a year is something brands can’t take frivolously.

Yes, you’ve got that right. We are talking about Instagram.

A social network that has become a primary hub for hundreds of popular brands by evolving the way branding has been done in the past. It’s due to the reason brands like Nike, Oreo, Starbucks, Disney and many others are making the most out of Instagram to spread love and share memorable experiences with their respective audiences. But, how are they really making it happen?

This is what going to be the center of discussion for our today’s topic. Here, we will be sharing some awesome lessons taught by the top brands to use Instagram for branding.

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4 Easy Steps to Kick-Start Your Influencer Marketing Program

Influencer marketing has now become an integral part of this digital landscape. It doesn’t matter whether you have just launched your company or running it for a long time. If you want to take your business to the next level, influencer outreach should be utilized as a significant method.

However, sometimes connecting with the right type of influencers seems like a complicated job, which often leads to unsatisfactory outcomes.

Don’t you think that this problem should be simplified?

If so, then you’re all set to get the answers right here.

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tagline tips for branding

Effective Tips for Creating a Memorable Tagline for Your Brand

Launching a product and establishing it as a reputable brand requires a lot of hard work with incredible marketing strategy to connect with the prospects. Gone are the days when businesses used to incorporate tactics which were best for their own interests.

Nowadays, the entire approach has to be pure customer-centric, as only this way you can distinguish your product from others and get maximum exposure to grow it as a powerful brand.

However for this, a memorable tagline will play a fantastic role. Therefore, we’ve shared some effective and absolutely stunning tips below to help you create actionable tagline for your brand.

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tips for using instagram for branding

Proven Tips for Building Your Brand with Instagram

Whether you own a fashion brand that solely based on sharing ravishing images or a business that just got started couple of days ago, Instagram can turn out to be an incredible channel for earning a reputable name.

With its amazing features and accessibility, brands have started using Instagram as the biggest bridge to connect with their intended audiences for generating sales. Don’t worry you can also use Instagram effectively for the same purpose if you’re incorporating the right plan.

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tips for creating infographics

Top Tips for Creating Infographics Your Audience Will Love

In this digital era, there are several amazing ways to captivate the attention of your audience visually. But, an infographic is a brilliant resource that always stays on top of everything.

Do you know why?

It’s because apart from the visual appeal, an infographic has the ability to convey an important message in a convincing way. However, it all depends on how well you’re using it to accomplish your ultimate goals.

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tips for designers to boost creativity

Stunning Tips for Designers to Boost Creativity

Unlike other professions, designing is a slightly different one. It’s not because of the complexities and deadlines a designer have to come across in his career. Actually, it’s because of the creativity aspect that triggers every designer and affects his career ultimately.

Now, this affect can either be good or bad depending upon the situation a designer is involved in. However, if a designer is unable to find his creativity back on the track, things might turn against him. And to resolve such a gigantic issue, we’ve listed down a couple of stunning tips.

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the most common designing blunders

4 Blunders Every Designer in the World Makes

Mistakes are the part of our life. If a designer is experienced and known for his remarkable creative work, then it doesn’t mean that he has never made a single mistake in his entire professional career.

Especially, if you’re new to the designing world, you will more likely to commit hundreds of mistakes. But, it’s absolutely fine because we all learn by making mistakes.

However, repeating the same mistake over and over again can put a negative impact to your designing career. Therefore, we’ve listed down a couple of biggest blunders that every designer in the world makes.

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best tools to help you create social media graphics

Tools to Help You Create Awesome Social Media Graphics Without Photoshop

Do you want to take your brand’s social media existence to the whole new level?

If yes, then you need to create stunning visuals to captivate your intended audience. But unfortunately, using Photoshop is not your thing and you can’t afford to hire a professional graphic designer as well.

To resolve such a gigantic problem, we’ve come up with some ravishing tools that don’t even require you to turn on your laptop. Sounds cool, right? Continue Reading →