Are Trends Good for Branding?

Branding of a company has always been influenced by the trends. Some brands accept the change; however, there are some which are only willing to do their own thing. While following the trends may give a sense of familiarity to the audience, the power of originality and creating your own trends cannot be denied. But for standing out, you need to work a lot harder. Let’s dive in deeper and see whether trends matter or not.

Follow the trend- don’t copy it

When a user spots your ‘trendy’ product, they can see some common ground with the trending design aesthetic. This is a positive thing for a brand image as it can build trust and recognition at a glance as users try to relate to your brand. However, if you start to imitate other brands’ a little too much, things can go downhill for you. Do your market research and make sure that the design does not collide with other brands’. Also keep special care if you are comparatively new in the market, as copying others’ design aesthetic would just make users think you are a replica.

It also depends on the trend

While the whole world is raising its voice to save the environment, brands are also playing their part. Recently branding has been inspired by sustainability, where companies become eco-friendly and introduce green elements on their logo or use the recycle symbol on the packaging. The trend of sustainability, therefore, becomes a necessity for a brand to stay woke and have a positive image. Similarly, minimalism is being adopted by many designers in their work as it is modern and sleek. If consumers are appreciating a world trend, designers need to take the hint and get on it.

Unique products need no trends

If you have a specific niche audience that consists of loyal buyers, chances are you don’t need to follow the trends to impress them. Most of the times unique products are liked by consumers if they have an identity which is different from others. So in that case, the most original design works well. Get creative with your branding, and you may never know, that you can be the next big trendsetter!

What clients and consumers want

If we look from a broader perspective, at the end of the day we want to impress our clients and consumers. So if the audience is trend-conscious, you need to adapt to their tastes. However, if trends don’t really matter for your niche audience, then give them something that explains your ideology. The key is to connect with the people that create a connection with them and make them long-time customers.