The 4 Free Design Tools To Create Social Media Graphics

Gone are the days when you relied on simple text for your social media pages. Viewers need creatively made images which speak to them personally. You can’t just use any tool to edit or add text to an image and decide to post it. It takes much more effort than that! Any graphic which you choose to post on your official page should be professionally created with the right tools. So, here are four of the best tools to create amazing graphics, and hey, they’re all FREE!

Adobe Spark

A huge library of templates and Adobe’s royalty-free image library will leave you with enough material to create your next best image. You can choose templates based on the medium where you want to post. Whether it is a Facebook cover, Twitter photo, or for a social media post, Adobe Spark will have all designs customized for your convenience. There are also a variety of preformatted text styles for you to choose from. So play around this tool and discover its amazing features.


This is probably one of my personal favorite tools which I use on a regular basis. It has a straightforward design and even if you’re not a professional designer, you can give this one a go! Creating a high-quality image is simple and pretty easy because everything is already laid out in this tool. You will literally not need to invest much time as well, because there are hundreds of templates for social media graphics. You can create your unique image design and share it on your preferred social media platform.


If you’re someone who likes to work on their mobile device, then you can install the Desynger App! It’s even simpler to use than Canva, and it’s a resourceful tool which can come handy when you don’t have your laptop. Even in its mobile version, Desynger doesn’t limit its features. You can work with different layers, and use templates, shapes, icons and other editing features which all create high-quality images.

Pablo by Buffer

Pablo has fewer features compared to other tools. It’s a simple and effective option for creating social media images and was created by Buffer (a social media scheduling tool). If you’re in a hurry and need to add a premium image to your social media page, then choose Pablo. It has a smart search option, which helps you find the right image in seconds.

Online presence of any brand is important. Creating a social media profile with highly attractive posts will help you gain a large audience. Now you can stop worrying about purchasing expensive software to edit images, as you can get the best for free.