4 Hidden Signs It’s Time to Change Your Company Logo Design

A logo is the identity of every brand. There are creative teams who think of every possible idea to create a unique logo. However, every company is not able to receive the benefit which it deserves, because of its mediocre logo. The modern age requires everyone to follow the fast pace and match the new trends. So if you lag behind, then it’s time to consider changing your branding. Let’s discover a few signs which will show you that it is time to change your company’s logo design.

Your brand has evolved

Every entrepreneur tries to incorporate the ideology behind the brand into their logo. If you started your business a few years ago with a different aim in mind, your logo would have represented that. But times change, and so should your logo. For example, Instagram’s logo design has evolved over the years, as it was initially created as a camera app which introduced vintage filters. Over the years, it has just become a medium where users post vintage-inspired photos, and not really capture it through the app.

Your audience seems bored

Customer loyalty comes when people talk about your brand with passion. While there are many factors which will influence the customers’ perception, a strong logo design will attract your audience. If you see that people are disinterested in your brand, or your sales/conversions have gone down, then you can opt for rebranding. Through the process of rebranding, you can change the design of the website, introduce a new slogan and create a powerful new logo.

Bad reputation

The online world allows everyone to share their opinion. Sometimes brands can get negative reviews, which ruin their image in the eyes of the customers. Most clothing brands send faulty goods to the customer, and in return receives backlash on social media. Other people also stop buying their product due to the reviews. That’s the time when a new name and logo should be introduced, to repair the damage. Many companies revive their reputation with this tactic.

You are not updated

Some people start their business from a one-room office, with a few employees. Chances are that they handle everything themselves in the initial stage of their business. Even the logo is designed by someone amateur in graphic designing. If you have become an established brand and are still continuing with the same old logo design, then it’s time to bring in the experts. Graphic designing has improved tremendously over the past few years, and everything is created with advanced tools and has a minimalistic touch.

Change is important, especially if you want to stay in the race. You can’t enter a new era with old philosophies and especially an outdated logo, so hire experts to do the job and sit back and see your company grow!