5 Best Design Templates for Music and Band Flyers

Whether you are arranging a gig for your band or want a flyer for a concert, it’s not hard to make. All you need is an amazing template for the kind of event you want to arrange for. Each type would require a different font, color collection, and elements. Designing a flyer is all about attracting the audience so that they can’t stop themselves from coming to the show! Here are some of the types of templates you could get to design for a band or music competition.

Rock Music Festival

Think edgy and rough when you are designing a poster for a rock music festival. One style is to make it look like the poster is made from torn-off pieces of paper. Use black, yellow, grey and red. Also, make use of bold characters. Make sure the words are shown in large which will attract the listeners of rock music.

Disco Dance Flyer

A retro-themed music event, DJ event, or a dance party requires a little bling. Use a colorful design and make it creative to make people look at it and be amazed. You can use small objects such as a lighting bolt and even a tape recorder for the retro theme. Make sure your font looks like it is dancing a little.

Music Party Flyer

Use an image as a background to show a person dancing or some image clicked at a previous dance party. Put Music Party as the main focus of the flyer and add some shadow behind the text. Also mention below any guests who are coming to the show, such as DJs who will be playing or singers. Mention the other details in a smaller font, about the food and venue details. Keep the vibe of the poster eccentric.

Electro Music Flyer

Bring some pop of colors and electrify your poster. Bring an electro vibe to it by adding electric touch and silver to it. A flyer for DJ events, club music events, and electro music parties can be made with a modern and attractive touch. Make it monotone and keep the font in white to accentuate the design. The background can either be metallic blue mixed with light blue and electric purple with light purple. Name the band which will be playing and add other details of the event.

Pop music festival

Pop music is what teenagers listen to, so you need to keep that in mind before designing. Use a lot of pink, black and blue to bring young energy. Putting the picture of the celebrity who will be performing can add bonus points to attract the audience.