5 Great Tips To Create Better T-Shirt Designs

We all love to wear T-shirts with our favorite quotes on it. However, whether you are an illustrator, graphic designers or typographer, you can have difficulty to put your designs on T-shirt. Not all designs would be bought by your customers; therefore, you need to put your creative skills to work. Here are some of the best tips to get you started for designing a custom graphics T-shirt.

Sketch it out

Go old school and put your thoughts on a piece of paper. Sketch your idea of your design and try to build it up. First, test the design without colors, and brainstorm on how you want to proceed further. You can also go digital if you do not like to use your on-paper skills. Just illustrate it on your favorite software.

Imagine it on a T-shirt

When you are using paper, it is hard to see how it will look on your clothes. So try and imagine the final look on a T-shirt and also see color combinations of the design. You can design it on the web and put the design a sample T-shirt layout or even on a model. You can use Photoshop for this, as it helps you create layers. Just add the layout a plain white tee and put your design on it to see the final look.

Don’t stuff too much

Less is more. Customers want sophisticated designs so stuffing up too much in your artwork would be a no. However, people appreciate great drawing skills and attention to detail. And some people look at a t-shirt design for hours if it is a masterpiece. Therefore, keep it simple and it will be a crowd pleaser.

Get a message across

Text is equally important in the design. It should get a message across. Is your T-shirt based on a feminism quote to promote it or is for Game of Thrones fan? Whoever it is being made for, the symbolism and theme should be known at first glance. That will show how well it has been designed.

Use subtle humor

Everybody loves a sarcastic saying on a t-shirt, but it should not come across as a cheap joke. You should very subtly use humor to tell a joke or make someone laugh through your design. Make sure you do it in a way that it turns heads, but see that you maintain a good balance.

We hope you have fun while creating some funky designs which customers will love!