5 Surprising Things You Could Do With Photoshop

Photoshop is a tool that is a holy grail for designers. It has an assortment of adjustments and filters which are useful for professional artwork.  However, there are many features which most people do not know about.

We are bringing you some useful tricks to use in your Photoshop software. You can expand your creative opportunities with these skills.

Live blend mode preview

You can easily alter an image by switching the blend modes. However, it requires a lot of experimentation to play around with them. You can use the feature on Photoshop CC, which is equipped with the blend preview function. It is possible to hover over any of the blend mode options for a quick preview of the effect being applied on the main canvas.

Find similar fonts

There’s a lifesaver option which allows you to find a list of fonts similar to the one selected by you. If you are always keenly observing typefaces wherever you go, chances are you will be very particular about them. The tool analyzes the text in an image and finds out what font is being used. You can further simplify with the marquee tool to select the text in an image, activate Type > Match Font.

Content Aware Fill

There’s another great feature of CC that gives the users control over the process. After you select the unwanted content and click on ‘Content Aware Fill’ you will be presented with a green box that highlights the parts of the image which need to be sampled from when creating the fill. A brush can be used to add or remove from the box and refine the parts which need to be sampled for a finished output.

Paint Symmetry

Create mirrored symmetrical patterns with the brush, pencil and eraser tool within the Paint Symmetry tool. There is also the addition of new options such as the Radial and Mandala. You can access the feature by clicking on the butterfly icon at the top of the screen, and by selecting your tool and a creating a symmetry plane. Easily draw directly on the canvas with the help of the tool.

Easy to use math calculations

There was not an option in Photoshop to perform simple math calculations before. The software’s new math functions make it possible to do basic calculations without having to use a calculator. You just need to write your sums out in any number field by using standard mathematical symbols and pressing enter. These will really help you out when making proportional changes or working out canvas or image sizes.

We hope these tips will help while creating your masterpieces.