5 Website Design Trends To Follow in 2019

Some websites make an impact on you because of their user-friendly design. These sites have the ability to draw their viewer’s attention based on its color theme or layout. On the other hand, some designs may give you a bad experience, as their poorly designed UX will leave you frustrated.

Nowadays, it is a necessary requirement for companies to invest in a good website designer to have a responsive and standard web design. They cannot make a good brand and increase their visitors until their website is not responsive and attractive to the user.

Here are the trends which will make any business reach success with a good website design.

Make them Stop and Watch

The attention span of an average person is getting shorter every day. Therefore, there is a need for more interactive websites. The customer should stay on the website for more than a minute preferably. You should include features which would attract the user’s attention and make them stay for long.

Switch to Diagonal Designs

For a while, we have been using horizontal lines to divide sections on the website. However, the shift to using diagonal designs on the website have been proved to increase the user’s interest and also make them scroll through the whole page. If you want to try a change with your UX, and make your customers click the Call to Action, this trend is useful.

Put more Details in the Footer

The footer of a website was hardly noticed by anyone back in the days. However, it is now being used as a modern technique to draw the user’s attention. So not only should the details and About Us should be linked in the footer, but also additional information about your brand. When the visitor sees that your website is different than the others, they will be more interested in what you have for them.

Use Gradients

Gradients are a great way to play with colors and are generally new to the website design area. Instagram was one of the first prominent brands to incorporate gradient into their design, which was a hit among customers. Designers have been using this technique to portray a unique element to their designs.

Rotating Animations

A great new concept of showing something different to your audience is through rotating animations. Each time visitors see the website, it is different. They will want to come back and see how the design has changed, making them excited.

Here are my top picks for website designs to include in your current strategy. See which one works for your brand the best!