6 Photoshop Elements Tutorials To Try Today

Photoshop Elements is a graphic editor for photographers, image editors, and hobbyists. It contains many features of the professional versions but with simpler and fewer options. It’s a great choice for creative designers who are looking for something lighter. Photoshop Elements will help boost your image skills.

The following Photoshop Elements tutorial covers versions from 7 upwards, and they’ll take you through basic tools to more advanced effects. Before using this software, you would want to watch a tutorial on YouTube for a better understanding.

Use the Elements Organizer

It will help you take control of your photos. By Element Organizer you can view, search, organize and tag photographs. You can also learn about the workspace, layout, views, and how to quickly find photos.

Sort and Organize Images

You need to sort, manage and organize your images to quickly find them. It is difficult to find a particular image in the catalog as there are many pictures there already, the easiest way is to create an album. Another way to sort your images is head to photo stack. Now as they are grouped together you can create the panorama from the base. You can also sort the photos in the version set.

Lose Unwanted Photo Elements with Ease

Content-Aware Fill will help you eliminate the unwanted parts in a photo. Without affecting the pixel of the photo the unwanted object will be removed like it was never there. You can use the spot healing brush and a healing brush (advantage of using this tool is that you can make changes on a separate layers panel) which will help blend one of the pixels from the sampled area seamlessly with the target area.

Adjust Composition with the Recompose Tool

If you think the composition of your photo isn’t right, Elements give you another advanced feature that will help you with the composition of your photo. This again helps you to remove unwanted objects in a photo but with more closure. Whereas, Recompose tool enables you to upscale or downscale images to improve a composition, fit a layout, or change the orientation.

Airbrush and Remove Blemishes

This feature is basically for portrait photos. If you want to remove all the imperfections on your portrait and make it look flawless you can take the help of an airbrush that hides skin blemishes. It will make the portraits look glamorous and professional.

Create Blur Effects

Do you want to add some action and drama in your photo? Using the blur effect can add motion in the background focusing the main object in the middle. Whether you want to create a motion blur effect or simply blur part of the image to create a shallow-depth-of-field look.

These are some of the effects that will make your work look professional with Photoshop Element. You can buy the latest version of Photoshop Elements 2019 which costs $99.99; you can upgrade from a previous version for $79.99.