Animal Symbolism in Logo Design, Graphic Design & Branding

The logo of any company can remind people of something, and be a strong representation of a product. Designers use many elements to portray emotions to the consumers which can help them connect to the brand.

Many companies use animal symbolism as a method to convey different types of emotions. It could depend on the animal which is chosen, and what is behind the concept of the designer.

Below are some of the animals which can be used in a logo to represent varied qualities of a brand that can signify different meanings for a viewer.


It is the cat of the jungle and portrays courage, cunningness, viciousness, protection, birth and even rebirth. It could also be a symbol of beauty, strength, and valor. The animal is used in many logos of different industries, for example, Jaguar.


The reptile is known by many as a symbol of transformation, healing, and immortality. Some religions also relate it to the story of Adam and Eve, while some attribute it to guardianship or even as evil.


While cats are definitely known for their attitude and superiority, they symbolize freedom, patience, flexibility, self-healing, adventurous spirit and curiosity. However, we can see cats being used for their playfulness and comfort, such as in Hello Kitty.


They are man’s friend, as most people believe humans evolved from monkeys and they have many similar traits. Therefore, it is a symbol of intelligence, light-headedness, seriousness, intensity, honor, involvement, grace, community, activity, family, protection, health, charm, curiosity, understanding, authority, observational clarity, energy, and untamed nature in logo designing. Most people focus on the monkey’s charm, while some of its playful nature.


Ducks are seen as sociable creatures. They can be seen to converse with members of their flock. Companies try to take advantage of this feature and use it in their logo. They can also portray clarity comfort, family, protection, energy, emotional strength, and grace.


We all know that the lion rules the jungle and has a superior nature. It is specifically used to symbolize strength and stability. It also attributes to majesty, strength, courage, justice, excellence, and resilience.

We hope you will keep these symbolic representations in your mind while designing your next logo. As you can see most major companies are using it such as Twitter, so you can also create a connection with your consumers through your branding.