5 Best Font Pairing For Your Website

Font color, size, and style play a major role in attracting visitors. There was a time when almost every web content is similar to each other in terms of font style.  This is because there are many designers who are completely unaware about typography beyond the standard font. Also, there were limited font styles as compared to today. Therefore, the layout and web fonts of every other website were of the same pattern.

Due to this reason, designers have started pairing up fonts. Pairing in simple words is using two different fonts by using attributes such as colors, size, weight, and classification. Here in this article, we shed light on the five best fonts pairing for your website that help you attract more and more visitors:

Georgia, Avenir and Avenir Light:

Georgia, the most common font that most of us use on a regular basis is both serious as well as stylish, just like a tux. This goes best with Avenir or Avenir light, classical looking fonts that increase the readability and matches perfectly with Georgia to enhance its simplicity. This pairing is most commonly used in business portfolios, publications, and CVs.

Luckiest Guy and Bitter Regular:

If you are creating a website for children, then these two fonts make a perfect pairing. These fonts are used for fun full websites that showcase the youthful personality of your brand.

Montserrat Bold and Roboto Regular:

If you are seeking to create a contrast between the two heavier and lighter tone fonts, then nothing better than the Montserrat Bold and Roboto Regular font pairing. These both give your website a nice and clean look. The combination of this heavy and lighter tone is best for websites selling industrial and electronics items.

Raleway Bold and Source Code Pro Regular:

If you are looking for a combination of classification, size, and color, then why not try the pairing of Raleway Bold and Source Code Pro Regular. This combination best fits website selling menswear.

Playful Display and Source Sans Pro:

Playful Display is one of the oldest fonts that get inspiration from the letterforms of the 18th century. This is no doubt the oldest font, but when used gives a modern touch to your website. When Playful Display is paired with Source Sans Pro, the combo of both the fonts gives a creative yet practical touch to the tagline and the product description. It gives a clean and modern look to your website.

Selecting the best pairing for your website is no doubt one of the most difficult tasks, but the examples given above will help you select the best font for your website. You can by using attributes such as colors, classifications, size, and weight can also create a right pair for your website.