Best Source of Design Inspiration

Creating a graphic design requires skills, creativity, and imagination. Another important thing you need to create great designs is inspiration. Almost all of the work of classical and modern arts and great designs are inspired by something. From Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to Stanley Kubrick designs. Graphic designing is not different from art. It requires inspiration as well. If you are purely designing based on your imagination, that could work as well. But getting inspiration from other works will make your design even better.

To get inspiration for your work, you need to the right source. You cannot wander for inspiration. There are some good websites out there that have design work that you can get inspiration from. However, what type of design works are best for inspiration? You should know about these best sources for design inspiration.


Nature is man’s best friend they say, which is quite true, especially for designers. The depth of detail, diversity, colors, and creativity that you can find in nature you can’t find anywhere else. Every popular piece of art is inspired by nature. The golden ratio, a famous design theory, was inspired by a common pattern found in nature. This golden ratio has been used in famous design and artworks, for example in Twitter Logo and Mona Lisa painting.

Movie Posters and Title Sequences

Movies are another example of art and design. Movie posters and title sequences are the results of hours of brainstorming and work. This is why the end result is cool and inspiring. You can find inspiration for color choice and many other graphical elements by observing and analyzing the design concepts behind movie posters and title sequences. It is recommended for designers to analyze the work of Saul Bass. He is the man behind some popular posters and title sequences, including Vertigo, Shining, The Anatomy of Murder, etc.

Vintage Design

Vintage design may be old, but they are still cool. The unique design concepts behind the vintage design are worth analyzing. These concepts can be used in modern designs to make it creative and unique. The typography, color scheme, layout and shapes, everything about vintage design is unique and creative. In fact, some popular logos are inspired by their vintage counterpart, for example, Levis Strauss & Co. logo.


Even designers need to go for grocery shopping. While shopping, you are exposed to hundreds of different products and every product has a unique design. Product packaging has unique design concepts. Since there is a lot of detail to put on the packaging, designers find creative ways to do it. For example, Big Mac packaging has great detail on it, but it still doesn’t look stuffed.