Working as Branding Consultant for DITC has been a Wonderful Experience

When it comes to construction, trusting just any company can take you through a lot of trouble because this particular work requires a hell lot of accuracy. And, that comes with ample of experience.

This is where DITC (Dual International General Trading & Contracting Co.) comes in to provide highly professional civil and electric construction work all across the Kuwait.

It’s a well-reputed construction company established in 2003 and has been associated with several gigantic groups and organizations over the past 12 years, and working as branding consultant for such a remarkable company is a real honor for us.

Therefore, we have decided to share our wonderful experience with all of you.


  • First, We Designed a Logo


As you already know that whenever we get indulged in any branding project, our first priority after finalizing the strategy is to craft a logo.

Similarly, right after studying about the company’s preferences and its expansion plans, we worked extensively with our design team to come up with an exemplary logo to speak volumes.

  • Then, a Fully Customized Website


A website alone can’t make an impact until it is fully customized and meets all the necessities of a visitor by answering every question in detail.

So, we along with our web designing team jotted down ideas by considering several aspects, and then developed a pure customer-centric website. A site that is professional and speaks about every single thing a prospect needs.

  • Stationery & Brochure Designing


When you’re working as a branding consultant, it’s merely your responsibility to keep an eye on everything that can spread positive words about your client’s brand. And to do this, how could we miss on stationery and brochure designing?


So, we made sure that from letter heads and office supplies to brochures, all branding features are doing a great job for DITC.

Final Thoughts:

It’s actually very easy to set a plan for re-branding, but implementation demands exceptional skills and expertise. For this, feel free to get in touch with us, as we know how to bring a big smile on your face. 🙂