Design Trends that Will be Impactful in 2017

Design has been evolving with the passage of time. And, today it’s all about great experience. Be it a logo, web design, banners, sliders or anything that is designed for a purpose should reflect it with clarity.

Designers from across the world keep an eye on trends and best possible ways to keep ahead of the competition. So, why don’t you?

The year 2017 is just around the corner, which means trends that are known as best practices might not perform well in future. Now, this situation has grabbed all our attention and led us to write a blog, so that all newbie and professional designers get benefited.

Yes, today’s blog comprises of effective design trends for 2017 that will certainly be impactful in terms of user experience.

  • Smart Navigation

When people use the internet as a helpful resource they often look for simplicity. In such a case, if you are designing a website that doesn’t land your prospect to his desired page in the easiest manner, he will leave your site straightaway.

So, smart navigation will likely play its part in the coming years.

  • Flat is Still in the Race

When we talk about a phenomenal user experience, flat design always works, and guest what?

It is still in the race for 2017.

The more elegant your design looks, the better response it gets from audiences. Therefore, if you are in favor of using flat, things will surely work out for you in 2017.

Although making designs for smartphone users have become a crucial component, but it can’t outpace the significance of other devices as well. When designing logos, apart from thinking only mobile, you have to consider other spectrums as well to make your design accepted by a diverse range of audience.

  • Illustrated Images

Sometimes, doing a little crazy work wins you the game, and illustrated images are one of the approaches.

Such a move not only adds a human touch to design, but also works as a deliberate source of storytelling. Just because of the reason, we believe that illustrated images can be handy at times.