4 Graphic Design Trends to Follow in 2019

When it comes to graphic designing trends, there is constantly changes going around. There was once a trend of using skeuomorphism in design, but after a few years of enjoying the popularity, it was faded away. This trend was replaced with minimalism and flat design concepts.

Some trends are here to stay while others turn out to be a fad. Because of this inconsistency and uncertainty in graphic design trends, it is important to stay up to date with all the trends and carefully analyze them to determine what will work for you and then adapt accordingly.

In 2018 we saw some really unique and interesting graphic design trends, like responsive logo designs, gradient made a comeback, semi-flat designs, and big bold typography on the first fold of websites.

For 2019, there are currently a lot of graphic design concepts, techniques and styles that could be the next big thing. Here we take a look at some potential graphic design trends of 2019.

Frameless Designs

There was a time when designers used to include frames or borders around their designs, be it a web design or a brochure. However, nothing remains the same in graphic design, except the basic principles. The trends have now shifted to frameless designs. These are full-width open designs that make full use of design elements.

Duotone Colors

Many big brands changed their color scheme to duotone colors. A popular example is Spotify. This trend will remain strong in 2019 as other brands will follow the example of big brands. Duotone is a great way of differentiating your design from the clutter. It looks impressive on high-resolution designs.

Illustrations and Isometric

Gone are the days of hero images and stock photos. 2018 saw a growth in the use of illustrations and isometric designs. 2019 will witness a complete elimination of stock photos and hero images in websites. These graphics will be replaced by illustrations and isometric designs. This trend aligns with the ongoing trend of minimalism that has been going strong for past few years. Illustrations and isometric designs take less space and maintain their quality in smaller or larger screen sizes.

GIFS and Cinematograph

Gifs and cinematograph are becoming increasingly popular in setting the mood and theme of web designs. This trend is especially common in websites of agencies. Gifs and cinematograph will also continue to trend in 2019. However, it will be limited to only one page, commonly homepage of a website. The only downside of using gifs and cinematograph is the load time concern.