Improve Your Sketches With 4 Amazing Drawing Tips

Drawing takes your mind into another world, you think of new things to put on your canvas. It captures your imagination and makes you explore your creative side.

Here are some drawing tips from a professional artist MrHass who is a pro at hand-drawn illustration which he creates with dip pen and ink. Inking needs precision but you have to find the right rhythm. He has used that method to give a graphic style to his art and he also focuses on inventive drawing.

Put the structure in pencil

Make the structure of your drawing in pencil. Outline everything with a light hand, with an overhand grip.  Always try to hold the pencil with the right grip.  Mark the elements of the artwork and fill them in. You can easily make any changes at this stage of your drawing. Hass recommends using a soft eraser to correct any mistakes, as it will not ruin the paper.

Build up the figure

Once you create the landmark in step 1 and define your boundaries, you can add more detail to your work. You should capture the main idea of the drawing rather than focus on too many details in the piece. If you have chosen a hard lead, sketch lightly and put try to keep the paper intact. Although it would depend on the type of drawing you are going for.

Play with shadows

Create illusions with shading and different techniques. Keep the light source in mind and you can map the shadow shades. You then need to decide which part to ink in darker shades and which should have lighter shades of black. Some area, such as the halftones, needs special attention. You also fill some areas in black for structure.

The grey areas

Once you’re done with the above steps, you need to fill in the grey areas which would help give a final touch to the drawing. Be very careful and make minor additions at the last, as you could have chances to ruin your artwork. One useful tip is to overlay the lines of different weights.

Use the following guideline to create artwork which is impressive and you can learn to become a better artist.