Marketing Motivation: 4 Brands that are killing it on Facebook

There has been a lot of buzz about Facebook lately related to its future and how it’s going to help brands establish their names in such a tough and highly competitive marketplace.

The whole speculation started off when new social platforms captivated the attention. Although it’s true that networks such as Instagram, Snapchat and many others have enhanced the social experience of users, but Facebook always has a unique way of treating its audience.

Similar is the case for brands as well.

Unlike other social channels, Facebook doesn’t restrict anyone to just a few characters, which eventually help brands market themselves appropriately.   So, it’s just because of the reason we’ve shortlisted four brands that are simply killing it on Facebook through their impressive marketing approach.

Marketing a charitable organization is an entirely different situation because it requires you to adopt a very calculated approach for catering the intended audience. But, March of Dimes does it beautifully.

This organization focuses on the educational aspect of their initiative to spread awareness and make its brand stronger enough for raising the voice. Honestly, it’s not wrong to consider March of Dimes’ Facebook page a plethora of information about what to expect during pregnancy.

Emphasizing too much on marketing your products can hurt the brand’s image, as people buy things through memorable experiences. This is where Starbucks really good at.

This coffeehouse chain shares amazing tips on how to use the products in exciting ways. Apart from this habit, Starbucks also posts images that are not so relevant to their products, but are good enough to engage their respective audiences.

Oreo always kills it on Facebook with super delicious recipes, quizzes and contests. With such a remarkable criterion of connecting with the people, Oreo maintains a solid reputation on Facebook.

Not only this, the brand uses its hashtags wisely on Instagram to connect the products with the right audience.

Fitbit serves a very specific group of people that are health conscious and not willing to sacrifice health goals at all. The products are more similar to hand watches that track even minor measures, from the number of steps you take in a day to the total calories you’ve burnt.

The brand doesn’t focus on promoting its products excessively. Rather, it believes in providing values by sharing health related motivational tips and guidelines. And this is what helps a brand form an unforgettable relationship with its customers.