Photoshop vs. Illustrator

Adobe is the ingenious company behind a plethora of multimedia products and creative software available in the market today. Adobe’s programs have enhanced the performance of many individuals with its range of products that fit a diverse market with a distinct set of needs.

However, such a variety does come with its own confusions as to which products to use and when. Here we will discuss its two popular software programs, Photoshop and Illustrator, to help you make the right choice.

Pixels Or Vectors, Therein Lays The Secret!

Photoshop works with pixels, the small dots that make up an image and is the basic unit of a programmable color on a screen. Photoshop is ideal for editing pictures as it has a number of unique filters, special effects and tools.

Therefore it is mostly used for web graphics, photo editing, photo manipulation and design as these usually aren’t enlarged beyond a certain point after which the picture gets distorted. Even so, Photoshop gives its user complete control over the project, allowing one to edit the picture pixel by pixel.

Illustrator is an advanced vector based program working with mathematical formulas where the lines are connected via algorithms instead of pixels. This feature allows the images to be zoomed up to even ten times of the original picture.

That’s why, illustrator is used for creating logos, billboard designs and anything that is to be printed in varying sizes, as the graphics won’t get distorted or lose quality. Illustrator has limited image editing tools and hence cannot be used optimally for modifying images that are already created.

The Little Details That Matter!

Photoshop has one canvas on which an artist can work where as an illustrator gives its user many art boards on the screen on the same document, thus allowing them more freedom. Both the programs work with layers, yet there is a huge difference in how the layers are used.

Photoshop allows only one object per layer where as an Illustrator user can have multiple objects on each layer. Using Photoshop, a person will be limited to working inside the art space whereas illustrator also allows a user to place objects outside the workspace.

In conclusion, both software have different uses for different tasks and it is important to know which suits your needs the best. Photoshop gives more flexibility for image editing, whereas illustrator will ensure any logo, watermark or text to come out perfectly on the edited image.

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