Ramadan Kareem to All from the team of Qous Qazah - custom logo design and branding agency

Ramadan Kareem to All… Let’s Commit to Start a New Chapter of Life

Ramadan is a month that teaches the true meaning of sacrifices, love and peace. It’s the Holy month that brings us closer to Almighty Allah by performing five times prayer, reciting Holy Quran and doing charity.

The team of Qous Qazah is extremely delighted to wish you a very happy Ramadan. We truly wish that the Holy month of Ramadan helps you accomplish all good deeds with ease.

Now matter how you have been spending your life, this is a precious chance for you to get back to the right path, the path Almighty Allah suggests. So, let’s commit to start a new chapter of life from today and make things easier for the day of judgement.

Have a blessed month 🙂