Readability Guide: 7 Script Fonts You Need to Look Out For

Readability has always been the biggest talk of design world, and will always be.

People nowadays grasp information through effective visuals where fonts have all the power to change the game. Whether you are designing something for billboards or any online branding campaign, fonts are always pivotal to signify integrity.

So, it’s because of the reason, today we have made SCRIPT FONT the center of our discussion.

Well, in this tech-friendly era where we have enormous online resources, finding a list of best script fonts is not going to be a big trouble at all. However, choosing one that is required for a specific purpose might be a big deal.

Therefore, we made sure to provide you with a reasonable solution to this problem.

Below mentioned is a small but legitimate list of script fonts that will surely work for you by enhancing readability of your overall design.

Enjoy! And let us know your feedback.

  • Breeze


  • Distant Stroke


  • Great Day


  • Master of Break


  • Queen of Heaven


  • Thinking of Betty


  • Acceleration and Reaction