The Sophisticated Art of Calligraphy

People love art, be it in the form of painting, sculpture or handicraft. An exquisite art not only delights the soul of the observer but also his mind by beautifully conveying the meaning behind its artistic patterns, curves, and shapes.

Calligraphy is the prime form of art that alone dominates all other forms. Especially, Arabic calligraphy is highly praised, adored and respected by people around the globe. It is not only the Muslim community that exalts this classic art, but even westerns have admired beauty in its abstracts and well-balanced strokes for ages.

In early ages, calligraphers were the most admired individuals (artists) of the society. Their prominence was gauged by the level of skills they exhibit. Apart from their skills, it is the reputation of their teachers as well that add to their fame. It was, therefore, seen that the secrets of finest art used to be passed on from teachers to the pupils, which ultimately led to a series of succession.

The Art of Calligraphy Defined:

At QousQazah, the art of calligraphy is always given the respect it deserves. And, whenever we are asked by clients to use this form of art to redefine their corporate identities, we make sure to do the justice.

The images shown below are the step-by-step formation of a fine piece of calligraphy art. It has not been done for any our clients, but still a pretty good example to showcase that “how calligraphy is creatively blended with objects to envision an enthralling look and feel”.

Let’s dive in…

Steps Towards Exclusiveness:

The procedure is quite simple but delicately implemented to depict sophistication. Because this is what calligraphy is all about.

So, at first, we created the face of a tiger as seen in the image. For this, we have followed line art style so that the drawing can later be converted into solid shapes. Secondly, once the image went through the process of getting into a significant shape, calligraphic make-over was deliberately given to it.


Image number two signifies it all, as Arabic hurufs take the lead and portray the art in its intended form. Whereas, the eye is being accentuated prominently to signify the beautify of calligraphy art. And, it also compliments the fact that how a little touch of creativity adds a lot of value and centricity to a design.


What makes calligraphy so majestic isn’t just the writing style of the designer, but also the use of carefully selected décor. For instance, the quality of calligraphy can be enhanced by the designer with the use of distinct colors such as gold or silver, perception, size of the strokes, etc.

All in all, creating custom calligraphy can’t be done with a few classes at some institute. Instead, it requires years of experience and knowledge of the essential aspects. Therefore, when it comes to calligraphy, a professional should always be preferred.