4 Incredible Tips for Web Personalization

Websites play a major role in the digital world. Companies use websites for different purposes including, but not limited to, online selling, earning revenue via ads, delivering information about business and the list goes on. Whatever the purpose is, customers would love to get the level of importance that other similar websites do not offer.

One major way of winning more customers and retaining the old ones is by personalizing websites for them. Personalization helps improve customer engagement and makes a website interactive. It basically recognizes the customer via their preferences and demographics and then personalizes the webpage accordingly.

A great example is YouTube in which the type of videos most frequently watched will show up as you visit the website and it would be different for every visitor. Is that not amazing?

There are several ways in which you can personalize your website to retain visitors and attract more. But, the tips mentioned below will surely help you do so:

  • Show Them Ads They Want to See

An important personalization tip, considering ads will surely be there on the website, is that visitors would prefer watching ads that match their interest rather than those they are least interested in.

Hence, personalize your website in a way that uses the “Ads Remarketing” approach. This will reveal different ads for different visitors based on their past internet searches, interests and preferences.

  • A visitor from UAE would be more interested in content relevant to their home country

Location plays an important role in website personalization. Taking globalization into consideration, websites have visitors from all over the world. Hence, a crucial personalization strategy is to identify the location of each visitor and reveal the web content accordingly including language, ads, and published blogs.

  • User Behavior

Every visitor behaves in a certain way when exploring websites. The tip is to personalize the content based on this behavior of each visitor that can be identified using, for example, the links that they most frequently click on, how frequently they visit the website and what they download/buy. After identifying the behavior, your website should show relevant content as they visit.

  • The vertical marketing strategy

Vertical marketing is when a business offers products or services to other organizations that are industry-specific. Through web personalization, you can show every visitor from a different industry content that is relevant. Identify the main target market and highlighted industries so that as they visit the webpage, the content is all relevant.

For example, if you are targeting the investment professionals, you can show them content related to stocks or crypto-currencies.