What Not to Get a Graphic Designer in Christmas

This is the season of gifts. At this time of year, most of us are busy preparing for Christmas. One of the fun, but tiring part is buying gifts for your loved ones. This becomes even tiring if you are buying a gift for someone who is a designer.

If you have someone who is a designer and you think that they will love any Christmas gift you have for them, then you might be wrong. Buying a Christmas gift for designers is tricky because they are really picky. They have likes and dislikes unlike other folks around them. They might as well hate things that poorly design. There might not be many things that designers would want as a Christmas gift, but there are still a few unusual stuff that they are definitely going to love.

Fifty Typefaces That Changed the World

A perfect gift for your designer buddy who is also into reading is the book by John L Waters, Fifty Typefaces That Changed the World. This book is not only best to spend their holidays, but also great for their inspiration and skills. This book details the 50 most popular typefaces from various mediums with great influence.

Espresso Maker

Rarely you will meet a designer who can go through a day of work without having coffee. Designers rely on coffee to keep them charged. What would be a better gift for them than an espresso maker? They can get a cup of coffee whenever they like.

Digital Camera

Some designers like to take inspiration from nature and like to capture the view. They view the world through the lens of a camera. A digital camera would be a great gift for. It will not only help them in their work but also allow them to practice their hobby.

Stationery Set

All design works start with a pen and paper, sometimes a canvas and paint may also be involved. If there is one thing that would be helpful to any designer, whether a beginner or hardcore ones, it is a stationery set. This includes sketch pad, canvas, pencil set, pen set, markers, and paint set.

Pantone Book

If you have someone who is just entering in the world of designs, he is going to need a Pantone book or color guide. A Pantone book or color guide as a gift is best for them to get started in their journey to the design world.