WP plugins for lead generation

Top WordPress Plugins to Turn Your Site Into A Lead Generation Machine

WordPress has made it extremely easy for a non-tech savvy to build up a website and connect with the intended audience. And with its incredible plugins, converting those random visitors into potential leads is no more a daunting task.

However, selecting the most appropriate WP plugins for a site by keeping in view the nature, requirements and preferences of the audience is merely not an easy thing to do. But, we’ve tried to resolve such an issue through this blog.

Here, you will get to know about some of the most stunning WordPress plugins that will surely turn your site into a lead generation machine if used properly.

If you’re desperately looking for a plugin to convert your website visitors into potential customers, then OptinMonster should be your primary choice. It’s a go-to plugin for marketers to grab more attention and generate maximum number of leads.

Apart from features like A/B testing and drag and drop form builder, OptinMonster will let you see specific messages from different campaigns. Moreover, its built-in analytics will help you evaluate the steps you’re taking for lead conversion.

A HubSpot developed plugin Leadin is yet another powerful resource to capture leads and close them as customers. Leadin provides complete insight into everyone who fills out a form which eventually becomes a crucial element to identify the potential audience as well.

Whether you’re running a blog, an ecommerce store or a business website, if your ultimate aim is to generate leads, then Leadin can be a reliable choice.

It’s important for you to rank your keywords on top of search engine results in order to enhance more chances for lead generation. For this, we would recommend you to use Yoast SEO.

Apart from ranking keywords, Yoast SEO also helps in optimizing social media posts as well. Therefore, installing this plugin to your WP site will certainly bring positive outcomes.

If you want to take your contact form to a whole new level, then Contact Form 7 is a great solution. It customizes your contact form and makes it super appealing for unique visitors due to which they never mind taking the actions you want.