The Importance of Calligraphy at Workplace

Art has become an important and integral part of our lives nowadays. There is more to art than what we see in museums and galleries. One of the most prevalent forms of art incorporated in our lives, besides paintings, is calligraphy.

Having art in office can be positive to the overall environment and employee motivation in the workplace. Office art is inarguably one of the most overlooked, not to mention undervalued, business asset. Many offices put up inspirational quotes about work, morals, or life in general in the form of calligraphy. Some have wall calligraphy of famous sayings and other such art pieces in the form of calligraphy.


If you are an employer or a manager who wants to make sure that the workplace environment is pleasing and productive for your employees, you should definitely consider having calligraphic art pieces on your office walls.

Having art at your workplace, especially having wall-calligraphy, improves the morale of employees, ignites a positive change in the attitude of people at workplace, and helps improve an employee’s commitment to the company. Researches prove that employees feel that it is easier to find motivation for work if they have art in office.

As everyone knows, self-motivation is critical in the performance of a company. That self-motivation can be found in the form of wall-calligraphy. Many companies now use inspirational and motivational quotes written usually in the form of different wall-calligraphy pieces.

Different people are connected to different type of art works. Some people may find a good song or some symphony to be soothing while others relax when watching a television show or a good movie. Similarly, there are people who feel connected to wall art. More people find are interested in it than you might guess. For such people, wall calligraphy in office will prove to be productive and relaxing. You might be surprised at the number of people who would be interested in office art and find wall calligraphy a positive sign for motivation and inspiration.

Another benefit of having calligraphy in your office is that it projects a positive image about your corporate culture. It shows your good taste and the fact that you care about your employees and providing them a pleasant work environment. All in all, having wall calligraphy in workplace is good ergonomics as it positive for the environment and helps with employees’ motivation.