Understanding the Golden Ratio in Design

It is said that a divine proportion can be found in nature and other things around us. This proportion can be seen at work in countless things including our bodies, beehives, flowers, etc. Every designer must also know about the Golden Ratio and its use.

You will find a complete explanation of the Golden Ratio in this article, along with tips on how to use it in modern designs, especially in Logo Design. The ratio is used in modern designs because it provides a sense of proportionality and the end result is pleasing to the eyes.

What Exactly is The Golden Ratio?

The Golden Ratio is represented by a mathematical constant known as Phi. The value of Phi is 1.618033987.The ratio can be obtained the following equation:


Another way of explaining the ratio is through the famous Fibonacci sequence. The sequence starts with 0, 1 and adds the previous two terms to get the next one. It goes like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13… The quotient of two subsequent Fibonacci numbers gives you the golden ratio. Consider the rectangle in the figure below:


(Image Courtesy of: The Golden Rectangle and the Golden Arc)

Once you have the rectangle of 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8 boxes as the one in the image above, draw an arc, with square side as radius, in a way that the arc touches both the diagonals of each rectangle. This will give you the Golden arc (also known as the Golden Spiral).

Significance of the Golden Ratio and the Golden Arc

In Nature

In nature, you can find the Fibonacci sequence and the golden arc in flowers’ petal count. Flower petals are often found in one of the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence in most of the flowers. Seed count in sunflower usually adds up to the Fibonacci numbers.

In Art and Architecture

Ancient Greek Architecture has made use of the Golden Ratio between width and height of buildings to create aesthetic and pleasing structures such as Parthenon. Artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci have made use of the Golden Arc and Golden Ratio extensively in their paintings. Following pictures show examples of structures and paintings incorporating the ratio and the arc.

Picture 2 The Parthenon

(Image Courtesy of: The Parthenon)

Picture 3 The Last Supper

(Image Courtesy of: The Last Supper)

Picture 4 Mona Lisa

(Image Courtesy of: Mona Lisa)

Applications of the Golden Ratio in Logo and Web Designs

The Golden Ratio and Fibonacci numbers also find their uses in modern logo and web designs. Many designers use them to produce visually aesthetic designs. For example, Google has redesigned its logo in accordance with Fibonacci sequence. Also, in Apple’s company logo, all the cuts in the appleare parts of arcs of circles true to Fibonacci numbers. This can be seen in the following picture:

Picture 5 Apple Company Logo

(Feature Image and Post Image Courtesy of: Apple’s Company Logo)

Thus, incorporating Fibonacci series in Logo Designs can result in an aesthetically pleasant design.