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Does Your Business Need a Logo or Brand Identity?

What is a logo?

One thing that you need to clear is that your logo is not your brand. It is a design that conveys your company’s type. It is one of the most critical tools to advertise your company and gives your company the identity that instantly attracts the potential customers.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the worldly perspective of your company. It delivers the business’ aims, promises, values, and message and helps to differentiate you from your competitors. It is a reflection of everything you are.

Logo vs. Brand Identity:

A logo is only a symbol that represents your company whereas a brand identity is much more than that. Brand identity will set forward a set of outlined visuals and guidelines regarding the company’s personality.

Which one does your business need? Continue Reading →


Logo and Brand Perception

Businesses use logos in order to solidify their brand image in customers’ mind and to increase brand recognition. A logo can be a pointer of quality and merchandise of the company or brand it represents.

Many studies have been done over the last few years in order to explore into the costumer perception of logos to find out which qualities make a logo more attractive and memorable in a costumer’s mind. Continue Reading →


5 Famous Logos That Carry Creatively-Hidden Messages Within

Logos are the “speak-for-itself” identity that even at a single glance can relate to which brand it belongs to.

Some logos are churned out without given even an ounce of thought to its relation to the brand or its message. However, there are some – mostly the famous ones – that carry the brand’s message within. Often those messages are as lucidly illustrated as a sky, while sometimes they are so ingeniously camouflaged that you’d have to look twice or even thrice to see it. Continue Reading →