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Animal Symbolism in Logo Design, Graphic Design & Branding

The logo of any company can remind people of something, and be a strong representation of a product. Designers use many elements to portray emotions to the consumers which can help them connect to the brand.

Many companies use animal symbolism as a method to convey different types of emotions. It could depend on the animal which is chosen, and what is behind the concept of the designer. Continue Reading →


What Does TM or R in Circle Mean for a Brand or Logo Design?

Most people notice the small lettered symbols that appear next to logos and slogans. The  ™, ®, and SM symbols represent trademark, registered trademark, and service mark. They are all significant for companies to maintain their ownership of the design.

World’s biggest corporations, such as McDonald’s and Target use extensive trademarks. To protect your brand identity, it is essential that you take the help of an intellectual property attorney who is specialized in patents and trademarks to protect your designs. We will discuss some of the basics here. Continue Reading →


How to Design a Movie Poster in 3 Easy Steps

When a movie comes out, fans wait for its poster. A lot can be expressed through a poster. Just like the trailer which gives us a glimpse of the real action, a movie’s poster also prepares the audience for what is about to come.

It is great to understand that the movie’s theme and aesthetics should be captured through the design. It takes a whole a lot of planning to create the perfect poster for a blockbuster movie. If you are confused about how to design, here are a few simple tips to help you with the design. Continue Reading →


4 Tips To Create A Perfect Design Portfolio

The field of arts is vast and the competition is huge. To make your mark in the industry, just being skilled is not enough. How you present yourself matters to a great extent. In order to become successful, you need to keep your portfolio updated. The first thing which employers or potential clients observe about your resume is your portfolio. It is the first impression which you make on others as a designer. Here are the dos and don’ts of creating an amazing portfolio. Continue Reading →


Improve Your Sketches With 4 Amazing Drawing Tips

Drawing takes your mind into another world, you think of new things to put on your canvas. It captures your imagination and makes you explore your creative side.

Here are some drawing tips from a professional artist MrHass who is a pro at hand-drawn illustration which he creates with dip pen and ink. Inking needs precision but you have to find the right rhythm. Continue Reading →


Phones Keep Getting Larger: Here’s how to design your website accordingly

Millennials have seen the evolution of smartphones which kept getting bigger and better. If you look at the original iPhone, you would found it to be too small for your liking. As the trend of bigger phones paved their way, it was an opportunity for website and app designers to improve their design skills.

Here are some of the ways through which you can make your design fit the new 6.5 inches iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S10 which has a huge display of 6.7 inches. Continue Reading →


Responsive Logos: What They Are And Why You Need One

Digital trends are changing, and there needs to be a shift in the designs which you create. Your logo is something you need to update and switch to responsive logos. You can’t be living in the past, where one size of the logo would fit everything and was sufficient. Responsive logos can be placed anywhere. They are shapeshifting logos, which can change their color, complexity, and size to adjust in whichever medium they are placed at. Continue Reading →


5 Essential Drawing Materials and Tools for Artists

Is your mind always filled with creative ideas for your artwork? If yes, then you need to put your thoughts on paper. You need the right tools to create your next masterpiece. While the necessary tools are everyday items which you must be using, there are some materials which can improve the quality of your work. Find out which art materials you should add to your shopping list. You can definitely upgrade your workstation with these necessary items. Continue Reading →