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Basic Yet Effective Elements of Designing a Great Movie Poster

Designing a poster is not at all an easy job. You have got to keep several factors in mind to come up with a masterpiece that is absolutely remarkable from marketing perspective. It is because a movie poster plays a gigantic role in grabbing attention, the design has to be given prominent significance to make a fine impact.

Whether you are going to make a short documentary or a complete feature film, its poster should have every major component on the spotlight to enthrall the audience. This is what you are going to learn from here.

Here, in this blog, we have decided to highlight some of the very basic yet effective elements of designing a great movie poster, so that your movie builds up a lot of anticipation and hype before release. Continue Reading →


Typography Mistakes that Can Ruin All Your Efforts

Apart from arranging and blending fonts appropriately with a particular theme, typography is much more than that. It is more like a breath to any design which drastically enhances the feel and provides more reasons to a reader to take notice.

Whether you are an aspiring designer or have accomplished a lot in this field, mistakes can happen. You can be the victim of a bad typography usage, but keeping a couple of significant factors in mind, you can bring in a subtle perfection to your work.

And, this is what we are going to discuss here.

Typography mistakes that can ruin all your efforts!

So, read on, and make sure to avoid these silly mistakes to eradicate a big flaw from your work. Continue Reading →


Brand Identity Design for Alia Aroma

Here at QousQazah, every client is treated as an asset, and we make sure when the project ends, our client has a big smile on his face. This is what energizes us and makes us the happiest people alive.

Recently, we just got done crafting a brand identity design for Alia Aroma, a startup that serves the aroma field with linked business line to hotel amenities. In just a short span of time, the company has been able to grab amazing attention from some of the most stylish, elite and prestigious business groups. But, smart business individuals never settle for less, they always look for bigger shots.

It is due to the reason we have been contacted to create a fine brand identity design for Alia Aroma. And, we did what is best for the company and its brand’s existence.

Let’s dive in to dig deeper! Continue Reading →


Best Graphic Design Tools to Induce High Quality Visuals

Whether you are an aspiring designer or have already established a big name in the market, you need to upgrade yourself to achieve more and stay at the top.

In this technologically advanced era, what is working today might not perform tomorrow. And, since design is all about creativity, you need to polish this aspect with the adoption of latest tools and techniques. So, here we are.

We are going to highlight a couple of best graphic design tools in this blog that can be utilized incredibly to induce high quality visuals.

Let’s dive in… Continue Reading →


Mother’s Day Celebration: How You Can Make the Most of It

We all love our mothers unconditionally, right? We don’t need any particular day to express our true feelings and emotions. However, surprising your mom with some unexpected gifts will surely make her happy. And, Mother’s Day is the right moment for it.

Well, the day is just around the corner and if you own a business and know the importance of adding a subtle touch of emotions to your brand, then you definitely have a big opportunity.

With the help of this blog, you are going to learn best practices on how to make the most of Mother’s Day celebration to connect with customers.

So, without further delay, let’s dive in… Continue Reading →


A Subtle Strategy for Mobile App Downloads to Boost Results

Alright, you have created an app and it is way better than many others in the market.

You have put a lot of hard work to make sure that each and every aspect of it pleases the users and compels them to take the actions you want. However, only a maximum number of downloads can do the magic for you.

How are you going to do that?

Have you come up with any plan to increase the number of app downloads? If no, then it is surely going to a big no for you.

But, wait! We don’t want you to get shattered. Therefore, we have decided to reveal a subtle strategy for mobile app downloads that will assure you with great success.

So, without further delay, let’s dive in. Continue Reading →


Web Design Trends that Have Been Impactful in 2017 So Far

Web design is an ever-changing landscape where you, as a designer, have to keep your eyes open so that you can stay aware of modern trends and techniques.  It is true, especially in this user-focused era where user-experience means everything, you can’t think of going wrong anyhow.

2017 has been an interesting year so far from a user’s perspective. They are more mature now and like to take decisions on the basis of quality and an overall pleasant experience. This is where a ravishing web design plays a remarkable role.

Keeping such an important aspect in mind, we thought to share some web design trends that have emerged incredibly in 2017 and look quite promising for the next couple of years as well. Continue Reading →


Corporate Identity Design for Sugar Sweets

It always feels awesome when you get applauded by your clients because of your work. To be honest, it means a lot to us. No, it means the world. 🙂

We have always been passionate and eager to serve each and every client in a remarkable manner. And, this is what we have done with Sugar Sweets too.

Alright, let’s get straight to the point to know what Sugar Sweets really is and what we have done to improve its overall corporate identity.

Sugar Sweets, as the name suggests, is a fine confectionery company that has marked an incredible presence in just a short span of time. It serves a huge audience of Saudi Arabia with delectable sweet products and chocolates.

Genuinely, it has been a true honor for QousQazah to craft a complete corporate identity design for the company. To know more about how we actually did it, keep on reading… Continue Reading →


Best Practices of Designing Forms for Maximum Lead Conversion

A website acts more like a face that introduces your company to a wide range of audience and helps establish an impactful brand. With a remarkable website, you have all the power to connect with your prospects and assist them in finding solutions to their problems through your product or service.

Practically, everything I said above is achievable. But technically, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. And, designing forms is certainly one of them.

Without having reasonable forms on your website, you can’t convert your prospects into potential buyers. So, this area should be given equal significance, and therefore we are going to share some best practices of designing forms, so that you can have maximum opportunities for massive conversions. Continue Reading →


Logo and Website Designing for An Online Learning Portal in UAE

Learning enhances your ability to understand things more deeply and grooms your skills to be the smartest lad in professional life. This is where short courses are always a handy solution that not only upgrade your knowledge, but also make you compatible with the ever-changing corporate world.

Virtual Campus, an online learning portal in UAE, is just about it.

The portal has been started with an aim of providing top quality short courses to people belonging to any profession, so that they can achieve what is meant for them. Apart from this, Virtual Campus also offers transcription and editing services for connecting businesses to their respective audiences in a convincing manner.

So, this was a short story about Virtual Campus. And, it is actually a true honor for our company to be their designing consultants. From logo designing to website development, we took every possible step that can assure brilliance. Therefore, we thought to share a little glimpse of it. Continue Reading →