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Phones Keep Getting Larger: Here’s how to design your website accordingly

Millennials have seen the evolution of smartphones which kept getting bigger and better. If you look at the original iPhone, you would found it to be too small for your liking. As the trend of bigger phones paved their way, it was an opportunity for website and app designers to improve their design skills.

Here are some of the ways through which you can make your design fit the new 6.5 inches iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S10 which has a huge display of 6.7 inches. Continue Reading →


Responsive Logos: What They Are And Why You Need One

Digital trends are changing, and there needs to be a shift in the designs which you create. Your logo is something you need to update and switch to responsive logos. You can’t be living in the past, where one size of the logo would fit everything and was sufficient. Responsive logos can be placed anywhere. They are shapeshifting logos, which can change their color, complexity, and size to adjust in whichever medium they are placed at. Continue Reading →


5 Essential Drawing Materials and Tools for Artists

Is your mind always filled with creative ideas for your artwork? If yes, then you need to put your thoughts on paper. You need the right tools to create your next masterpiece. While the necessary tools are everyday items which you must be using, there are some materials which can improve the quality of your work. Find out which art materials you should add to your shopping list. You can definitely upgrade your workstation with these necessary items. Continue Reading →


Why A Good Brochure Design Is Beneficial For Your Business

While most of the marketing in today’s world is done on an online platform, there are still some businesses that focus on physical marketing.

Brochures are a big part of portraying the brand’s identity and it should portray how well your branding is. Every small detail of a brochure is important to consider, including the color, design, fonts, and content.

Here are 4 reasons why you need to incorporate a good brochure design into your marketing strategy. Continue Reading →


Great Mobile Design Tips To Boost E-Commerce Sales

Gone are the days when people used to do online shopping through their computers and laptops. Now they can just shop with the help of their mobile devices. When the majority of the customers are using mobile phones for online purchasing, it is essential that e-commerce businesses make their website mobile friendly. Customers would find it difficult to access a website if it is not mobile responsive. Here are some amazing tips for mobile design which can help you make the right changes. Continue Reading →


4 Hidden Signs It’s Time to Change Your Company Logo Design

A logo is the identity of every brand. There are creative teams who think of every possible idea to create a unique logo. However, every company is not able to receive the benefit which it deserves, because of its mediocre logo. The modern age requires everyone to follow the fast pace and match the new trends. So if you lag behind, then it’s time to consider changing your branding. Let’s discover a few signs which will show you that it is time to change your company’s logo design. Continue Reading →


The 4 Free Design Tools To Create Social Media Graphics

Gone are the days when you relied on simple text for your social media pages. Viewers need creatively made images which speak to them personally. You can’t just use any tool to edit or add text to an image and decide to post it. It takes much more effort than that! Any graphic which you choose to post on your official page should be professionally created with the right tools. So, here are four of the best tools to create amazing graphics, and hey, they’re all FREE! Continue Reading →


5 Ways How You Can Become a Better Artist in 2019

Art plays a major role in our lives, and paying attention to little details could make a huge difference to your artwork. There are many aspects to make your artwork stand out. I will highlight some of the basics that will help you ace your career as an artist, or just get you more involved in your hobby. So try to implement the following tips to create your next masterpiece. Continue Reading →