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4 Tips for Every Web Design Project

The base of a good design is pretty much the same for every project. Website designing is a popular way to earn through a freelance career. However, clients will not always be satisfied with your work. You need to follow some of these expert guidelines which will take you quite far and help you skip the common mistakes designers make. So here are a few of the rules you should stick by. Continue Reading →


4 Most Interesting Responsive Web Design Patterns

Designing the layout of a website is a tricky job. The art of creating a design, which is responsive and looks good too, can require hard work. Layouts are becoming adaptive and you have many options to choose from. Responsive design helps web page layouts to adjust to a number of screen sizes. This helps designers add innovations to their patterns. Here are some of the interesting responsive design patterns that are used by designers to create amazing websites which people love. Continue Reading →


5 Best Design Templates for Music and Band Flyers

Whether you are arranging a gig for your band or want a flyer for a concert, it’s not hard to make. All you need is an amazing template for the kind of event you want to arrange for. Each type would require a different font, color collection, and elements. Designing a flyer is all about attracting the audience so that they can’t stop themselves from coming to the show! Here are some of the types of templates you could get to design for a band or music competition. Continue Reading →


5 Essential Painting Techniques for Artists

Most artists have talent, but they need the right kickstart to help them unleash their creativity. It’s not sufficient to buy the right tools and set up a beautiful workspace. Having knowledge about tone, color, texture, brushwork, and composition will help you in your artistic journey in the paint. Soon you will be able to create your own masterpiece by using these five important painting techniques. Continue Reading →


How to Master the Art of Creating Portrait Painting With Oils

Art is all about creativity and invention. You need to try different forms of art to test your skills. It is also not difficult to learn a new art form. All it requires are the right materials and the passion. You can go through photos of famous oil paintings or books which can inspire you. Break them down into elements which are most important. In order to learn the process, you would require some expert assistance. Here’s a guide to get you started. Continue Reading →