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How to Master the Art of Creating Portrait Painting With Oils

Art is all about creativity and invention. You need to try different forms of art to test your skills. It is also not difficult to learn a new art form. All it requires are the right materials and the passion. You can go through photos of famous oil paintings or books which can inspire you. Break them down into elements which are most important. In order to learn the process, you would require some expert assistance. Here’s a guide to get you started. Continue Reading →


5 Great Tips To Create Better T-Shirt Designs

We all love to wear T-shirts with our favorite quotes on it. However, whether you are an illustrator, graphic designers or typographer, you can have difficulty to put your designs on T-shirt. Not all designs would be bought by your customers; therefore, you need to put your creative skills to work. Here are some of the best tips to get you started for designing a custom graphics T-shirt. Continue Reading →


6 Watercolor Tips Every Artist Needs To Know

Art is about exploring your creative abilities and experimenting with different styles. There are many mediums an artist can use in their work. If you are particularly trying to use the watercolor technique, there are a few tricks you need to master before you move forward. Because it is such a tricky medium, handling it becomes hard. But if used right, it is a versatile and flexible painting technique. It is centuries old and also known as aquarelle. Continue Reading →


5 Ways to Get Creative With Illustrations

With the rise of talent in the design industry, it is hard to make your mark. Hence, it is important that your work should stand out. For that to happen, you will have to check out the tips which could make your illustration look from simple to extraordinary.

Here are some of the things you can do to resolve those issues and catch the attention of your important clients. Continue Reading →


Animal Symbolism in Logo Design, Graphic Design & Branding

The logo of any company can remind people of something, and be a strong representation of a product. Designers use many elements to portray emotions to the consumers which can help them connect to the brand.

Many companies use animal symbolism as a method to convey different types of emotions. It could depend on the animal which is chosen, and what is behind the concept of the designer. Continue Reading →