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How Creative Menu Card Designs Impacting the Restaurant Industry

Creative designs tend to make a considerable impact on potential customers. However, what elements of creative designs do that magic isn’t related to appealing colors or patterns alone. There’s a whole psychology behind it that let you influence or manipulate the purchasing-decision of the consumers. And that magic isn’t limited to creative industries but extend far beyond to other realms as well, including the restaurant industry. Continue Reading →


5 Android Application Interface Design Trends 2015

The 21st century is the era of automation, and thus convenience, brought by the limitless advancements in the tech industry. Consequently, we see an overabundance of smartphones and tablets that ultimately given rise to mobile applications.

Just like mobile apps, we’ve seen a continuous evolution in the interface design of apps. Every year has brought with it a new trend in the UI and UX area. Most of those trends continue to live on to this day while some withered away like old petals. Continue Reading →


Designing an Intuitive Web Application User Interface

Ever heard of SaaS, aka Software as a Service? It’s a web based application (typically a service) that allows users to access lisenced software and its many functions via their browser.

Due to the growing popularity of SaaS, more and more companies are moving their traditional business processes to the web. As a result, the productivity and efficiency of the users (employee/clients) amplify twofold. Continue Reading →


Coca-Cola Goes Label-less in Ramadan to Fight Prejudice

Forming a partial opinion against the other without even knowing them first causes not only disruption in the society but also promotes hatred and resentment.

To fight off such prejudice that seems to be growing with the rise in mass socialization, thanks to the worldwide digital-merge, somebody like the world-renowned brand, Coca-Cola, had to take the stand.

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