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Logo Designing & Brochure Designing for Rotana Laundry

Whether you are the owner of a small-sized company or running one of the gigantic firms, you need to keep your business updated with respect to the preferences and behaviors of your potential customers. Because this age of business evolution demands customer-centricity within your approach. And, if you are not smart enough to react this way, your business will have solid reasons to be outpaced.

This is what Rotana Laundry is aware of, and therefore wants to make sure that its identity reflects a customer-focused appeal with a subtle touch of uniqueness. So, the team at QousQazah delivered exactly what Rotana desired to have.

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Top Web Design Trends to Look for in 2018

Alright, it is that time of the year again when you should start refreshing your web design approach in accordance with the trends that are going to be impactful. Because in this age of digitalization, this is the only way to make your brand’s online presence shine.

What is working today might not work for tomorrow. It is a fact that you can’t deny. However, you can always stay ahead of your competitors by keeping your web design approach a little trendy. And, this blog is certainly going to do just that…

Being a graphic design and branding agency, we have a thorough understanding of the market and what customers demand. Therefore, we would like you to take a look at the web design trends that will assure you a definite win in 2018. Continue Reading →


Corporate Identity Designing for Arzaz Kitchen

Running a restaurant business requires you to be mentally tough and smart. Because there is an immense competition out there. If you are not working with the right methodology and serving your customers with the pathetic quality of food, you are going nowhere.

Arzaz Kitchen understands the fact and makes sure that its customers are fully satisfied with the quality of food and service. As the literal meaning of Arzaz is “Rice”, so you can easily expect what the kitchen primarily focuses on. Yes, Arzaz only serves the dishes that are made of rice, but the variety, uniqueness of the recipes and taste is what sets it apart.

Also, the people at Arzaz are pretty much aware of the fact that having a profound online presence with mesmerizing corporate identity opens up a door to unparalleled growth and success. QousQazah has been doing it for years. And, this is what encouraged Arzaz to get in touch with us.

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Corporate Identity Designing for Elsuhd Net

With the advent of technology, connectivity is no more considered a daunting task. In fact, it is just a matter of seconds to have a conversation with your family, friends, professional colleagues and employees with a click of a button.

This is where a perfect internet connection does the job. And, Elsuhd Net is making it happen in just the way you want. Apart from that, the company also offers web hosting, VOIP, surveillance cameras and server maintenance services. So, it is not wrong to consider Elsuhd Net as a one-stop-solution for secured business communication and networking.

However, despite having a big name in the industry, Elsuhd Net wanted to establish a flawless corporate identity, and we made sure to do justice with our job.

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Top Reader-Centric WordPress Themes for Food Bloggers

This digital age offers a plethora of opportunities to every skilled individual who wants to step ahead in his respective industry. Similarly, hundreds of food experts, chefs and foodies are making their presence felt by connecting with their intended audiences through a reader-centric food blog.

With this, it certainly means that you need to stand out to grab immediate attention of your audience. And, to do this, selecting a ravishing WordPress theme should be your primary focus.

Don’t worry, we have already done the difficult part for you!

Yes, after testing and evaluating several themes, we have shortlisted top reader-centric WordPress themes for food bloggers.

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4 Must-Haves for a Perfect SEO-Friendly Web Design

The website of your business acts like a gateway for your prospects that helps them get a comprehensive view of what your brand is all about and the values it offers. With that in mind, it obviously becomes crucial to redefine the look of your website so that more visitors can get converted into leads.

However, what if your audience can’t find your website on search engines?

Yes, this should be kept in mind because websites that rank on the first page of Google have better chances to grab a good number of visitors. Unfortunately, if you are not there, you miss the chance. But, having a SEO-friendly web design can make it a win-win situation for you.

This is what we are going to talk about – a perfect SEO-friendly web design. And to make this blog a useful material, we have shed light towards some essential components that will make this process a little easier. Continue Reading →


Presentation Template Designing for Islamic TV Shows

We are privileged to have worked with amazing clients who believe in our skills, dedication and a true will to do nothing but the best for their startups and brands.

Just like all other clients, working with Foras Production FZ-LLC for two of its Islamic TV shows has been a remarkable experience.

Thara’a Al-Islam and Samahat Al-Islam are two Islamic TV shows that have been started with an aim to portray the diversity of Islam, its inclusion and tolerance. Both of the shows are initiated to represent Islamic culture, but not limited to the Muslim audience only. In fact, they are designed and programmed in such a way that also invites non-Muslim viewers to participate.

Such TV shows are solely based on content that makes or breaks the entire charisma and hype. The appealing the content looks, the better opportunity these informational shows have to make an impact. Therefore, we have designed visually enthralling presentation templates to display content in a striking way, so that the purpose of spreading awareness gets fulfilled. Continue Reading →


What Your Hotel Website Needs for An Impressive UX Design?

Own a hotel?

Want to design a website that can offer an enthralling yet actionable user experience?

Well, congratulations, because not every hotel owner have similar thoughts like you. However, a remarkable user experience, especially through a hospitality website, is a big thing. And, to make it happen, you need to be technically sound.

You should aim to convert every legit visitor of your website into a potential customer. Practically, it is turning out to be an intimidating task because prospects are more sensible now and get attracted towards an offer that caters their needs in just the way they expect.

Therefore, keeping all such aspects in mind, we have jotted down some crucial elements that you should incorporate to your hotel website for an impressive UX design.

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4 Tips for Designing a Website Header that Does the Job

Internet is occupied with millions of websites, but not every site strikes its respective audience at a glance. There are several reasons that can cause such issues, but a website header can be the biggest one because when a visitor lands at any website, the very first thing he sees is the header. And, he just takes a couple of seconds to make his decision.

Obviously, when a prospect gets to see the things he desires, he plans to stay a little while on that website to dig deeper. But, what convinces him to spend more time on a website?

Well, apart from all other crucial elements of a web design, a header is the one that grabs his attention. But, how?

How a header can be that much effective? To answer this, some tested and proven tips for designing a website header are highlighted below.

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4 Delightful WordPress Wedding Themes for Your Wedding Website

When it comes to wedding, every bride and groom wants to do something beautiful and extraordinarily unique to stand out so that their event becomes unforgettable. And for making it happen, they look for the best venue options and hire an event planner to reflect a certain theme.

Well, that feel of tying knots is simply out of the world. But, you can double the fun and excitement of this special day by creating your official wedding website.

This little effort will not only increase curiosity, but will also come in handy to include useful information for guests, such as where and when the event will take place. Also, the website will be useful to manage RSVPs, so that you have better idea about how many people to expect.

Interestingly, you will have plenty of space to show the world how amazing your event has been by adding its photos and videos. And, this is where WordPress is the most user-friendly option.

Therefore, we have listed down four best WordPress themes that are customizable and can accentuate your wedding theme in a fine manner. Continue Reading →