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Top WordPress Testimonial Plugins to Cash the Potential Customers

Having a great number of website visitors is a remarkable achievement, but it could turn out to be a blessing if that audience is converted into potential customers.

See, people visit websites to get what they want and when they plan to buy something online, they look for positive feedbacks from the existing customers or anything that builds up the credibility.

This is where testimonials play a fantastic role.

If you are a WordPress fan, then you are certainly going to be benefited from this blog, as here we are sharing a couple of useful and absolutely results-driven WordPress testimonial plugins for you.

All the below mentioned plugins are tested on various projects and they proved to be reliable with respect to their features and usability. Continue Reading →


Team QousQazah Wishes You a Very Happy, Robust & Prosperous New Year

New Year is just a few hours away from us.

You must be planning to turn it into a super amazing year for you, right? Well, same is the case for everyone out there.

We all make some serious resolutions before the start of every New Year. However, some of them get accomplished, while others remain in dust. Many of us get serious about lifestyle and stop eating unhygienic food. On the other hand, a lot of people get more focused towards achieving career goals.

When it comes to the corporate world, companies that have been remarkable in 2016 might be working out for more vitality, whereas startups will be looking forward to find the momentum.

It is our life and this is how it has to be. Continue Reading →


Readability Guide: 7 Script Fonts You Need to Look Out For

Readability has always been the biggest talk of design world and will always be.

People nowadays grasp information through effective visuals where fonts have all the power to change the game. Whether you are designing something for billboards or any online branding campaign, fonts are always pivotal to signify integrity.

So, it’s because the reason, today we have made SCRIPT FONT the center of our discussion.

Well, in this tech-friendly era where we have enormous online resources, finding a list of best script fonts is not going to trouble you at all. However, choosing one that is required for a specific purpose might be a big deal.

Therefore, we made sure to provide you with a reasonable solution for this problem.

Below mentioned is a small but legitimate list of script fonts that will surely work for you by enhancing readability of your overall design. Enjoy! And let us know your feedback. Continue Reading →


Design Trends that Will be Impactful in 2017

Design has been evolving with the passage of time. And, today it’s all about great experience. Be it a logo, web design, banners, sliders or anything that is designed for a purpose should reflect it with clarity.

Designers from across the world keep an eye on trends and best possible ways to keep ahead of the competition. So, why don’t you?

The year 2017 is just around the corner, which means trends that are known as best practices might not perform well in future. Now, this situation has grabbed all our attention and led us to write a blog, so that all newbie and professional designers get benefited.

Yes, today’s blog comprises of effective design trends for 2017 that will certainly be impactful in terms of user experience. Continue Reading →


Insanely Awesome Ways to Design CTA Buttons that Convert

We talk a lot about design, its impacts on human behavior and conversion rates. Because in today’s customer-centric era, a satiating design is one of the significant elements that delight a prospect, and if it is blending in with the quality content, produces phenomenal results.

So, here we are going to talk about an integral part of a reader focused design, CTA (Call-to-Action).

CTA is a small button that does its magic if used in an appropriate way. But, do you know what these ways really are? Do you know how you can make an amazing use of your CTAs, so that they can drive incredible sales?

Well, this blog has the answer to all such questions. Continue Reading →

personal website guidelines

Working on Your Personal Website? This is What You Need to See First

Do you want to establish yourself as a brand?

Are you launching your personal website to underline all your attributes and amazing professional background?

If yes, then you have to make sure that whatever the steps you are taking will impose a positive impact. It is because the internet is filled with plenty of personal websites and you are most likely to face an incredible competition. So, how are you going to stand yourself out?

Have you ever thought about it?

Well, keeping such an aspect in mind, we have pointed out a couple of personal websites that are doing great within their domains. And, the only reason for mentioning these portfolios is to inspire you, so that you can come up with some striking ideas for your own portfolio website. Continue Reading →


How Brochure Design Gives Solid Edge to Your Marketing Goals

An enthusiastic marketer is the one who believes in extensive research, analyzes the industry benchmarks and strategize his goals accordingly. However, in such turmoil, hundreds and thousands of marketing evangelists prefer digitizing all their plans for enormous outcomes. And unfortunately, miss out on a very crucial aspect of marketing.

Yes, we are talking about BROCHURE DESIGN today.

It’s totally understandable that everything has gone digital, but a great marketing plan still involves traditional elements to capitalize the entire situation. And, just because of the reason we at QousQazah always incorporate brochure designing as a crucial component, whenever working on a client’s project.

So, we thought to share a little glimpse of how a professional brochure design should look like. Secondly, the ultimate reason of writing this blog is to let you know about the significance of brochures and why they should be used prominently to spread a word about your brand. Continue Reading →


Imperative Tips to Ponder for Improving Graphic Design Skills

Whenever someone talks about creativity, graphic designer is the name that always strikes the mind. It’s because such a person is blessed with phenomenal abilities to go out of the box for producing intellectual designs.

However, a beginner takes a considerable amount of time for evolving himself as a true professional by understanding his creative power and potential.

Practically speaking, handling that particular phase often gets difficult for majority of newbies, which ends up with great disappointments and deep sorrows. And, this is what makes us unhappy.

So, here we have brought some light to a couple of imperative tips that you should definitely consider as a beginner for improving your graphic design skills. Continue Reading →


Best Business Consulting WordPress Themes to Flourish Your Business’ Online Identity

Nowadays, if you’re not reaching out to your prospects online, you will never accomplish the business goals you’ve set for yourself. And to step inside the ring, you definitely require a completely professional and customer-centric website.  This is where WordPress comes in handy, especially for those who don’t have any coding experience.

So, in order to make the process a little easier, we have jotted down four business consulting WordPress themes, which we consider as the best to thrive the online identity of your business.

You can pick from any of these below mentioned WordPress themes depending on your business objectives and convert it into a lead generating machine. Continue Reading →


Working as Branding Consultant for DITC has been a Wonderful Experience

When it comes to construction, trusting just any company can take you through a lot of trouble because this particular work requires a hell lot of accuracy. And, that comes with ample of experience.

This is where DITC (Dual International General Trading & Contracting Co.) comes in to provide highly professional civil and electric construction work all across the Kuwait.

It’s a well-reputed construction company established in 2003 and has been associated with several gigantic groups and organizations over the past 12 years, and working as branding consultant for such a remarkable company is a real honor for us.

Therefore, we have decided to share our wonderful experience with all of you. Continue Reading →