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Understanding Responsive Logo Design

A logo design is not a brand and a brand is not a logo either. Rather, a logo is an identity of your brand, which is made up of a symbol, typography, and colors. Just like your identity never changes, brand identity remains consistent as well. There may be few changes to a logo design, but the essence of the original logo design always remains in the redesigned version.

A logo design doesn’t get revamped frequently. It only gets revamped when there is a major change in the brand or the design trends. One such trend that caused many brands to redesign their logos is a responsive design. Continue Reading →


History Behind Famous Logos

A logo design is more than just a piece of graphics work. It is an identity of a brand, hence corporate identity or brand identity. A logo is a brand equity that is built over time. It takes years for a $100 logo to become an equity worth of million dollars.

Over time, some brand logos changed slightly while others remained the same. Some of these logo designs that have been around for so many years or decades have a really interesting background. In this article, we have included some of the famous logos and the history behind them. Continue Reading →


Logo Designing and Website Designing for MAB Food Trucks

Starting a food business sounds easy, but the reality is absolutely different. From taste to quality, everything should be given equal importance for living up to the expectations of customers. MAB Food Trucks has a solid understanding of this concept, which is why it makes sure that the right tools are provided to the customers so they can start their street food business anywhere in the UAE.

However, MAB Food Trucks didn’t want to stop there. In fact, the company wanted to give a professional touch to its corporate identity that could also unlock a plethora of opportunities to expand the business across all the online platforms.

QousQazah made sure that this happens in just the way MAB Food Trucks expects.

Keep on reading to find out how… Continue Reading →


Logo Designing & Brochure Designing for Rotana Laundry

Whether you are the owner of a small-sized company or running one of the gigantic firms, you need to keep your business updated with respect to the preferences and behaviors of your potential customers. Because this age of business evolution demands customer-centricity within your approach. And, if you are not smart enough to react this way, your business will have solid reasons to be outpaced.

This is what Rotana Laundry is aware of, and therefore wants to make sure that its identity reflects a customer-focused appeal with a subtle touch of uniqueness. So, the team at QousQazah delivered exactly what Rotana desired to have.

Let’s check out the details! Continue Reading →


Logo Design Trends to Grab Attention in 2018

Logo designing is a true art that lets your brand speak volumes. In the world where hundreds of startups get introduced and vanished in no time, only the company with a forceful identity leads the race. Here, a logo plays an integral part. This particular element not only distinguishes your brand but also makes sure that your audience has plentiful reasons to trust you.

This year has been so much interesting in terms of logo design trends. A lot of trends have come and gone but what the coming year holds for you matters now. Therefore, instead of waiting for your competitor to outpace you, you should take the initiative and keep an eye on the trends to revamp the existing logo accordingly.

You know what… this blog has been published to make things a lot easier for you. Because it comprises of logo design trends that are certainly going to grab attention in 2018. So, check them out and adopt the one that suits your business theme. Continue Reading →


Corporate Identity Designing for Arzaz Kitchen

Running a restaurant business requires you to be mentally tough and smart. Because there is an immense competition out there. If you are not working with the right methodology and serving your customers with the pathetic quality of food, you are going nowhere.

Arzaz Kitchen understands the fact and makes sure that its customers are fully satisfied with the quality of food and service. As the literal meaning of Arzaz is “Rice”, so you can easily expect what the kitchen primarily focuses on. Yes, Arzaz only serves the dishes that are made of rice, but the variety, uniqueness of the recipes and taste is what sets it apart.

Also, the people at Arzaz are pretty much aware of the fact that having a profound online presence with mesmerizing corporate identity opens up a door to unparalleled growth and success. QousQazah has been doing it for years. And, this is what encouraged Arzaz to get in touch with us.

So, below mentioned is the step-by-step process that has been incorporated to do corporate identity designing for Arzaz Kitchen. Continue Reading →


Why Animated Logos for Your Business?

Without having a fascinating logo, it is merely not possible for a company to signify an enthralling corporate identity. This little yet impactful component makes sure that your business has a unique, customer-focused and versatile image.

To make it happen, it surely becomes important for you to come up with a logo that strikes your audience right away. And, this is where animated logos are always handy. They look modern, sleek and sophisticated. Also, such a logotype showcases an inclusive view of what a particular brand is all about. Continue Reading →


Corporate Identity Designing for WM Waste Management

Waste management industry is not something we hear about every day. There are not many companies, all over the world, that offer waste management facilities the way they should to be promised. However, WM Waste Management is the name that stands out with authentic reasons.

The company is located in Sohar, a port city in Oman’s northern coast. But, expanded its horizon to all across the country with uncompromised top-quality waste management services.  The services it offers comprised of city cleaning, waste collections, road sweeping, waste recycling and janitorial cleaning.

The best thing about WM Waste Management is, it understands the significance of having a robust corporate identity. And therefore, we have been contacted.

After having discussions with the officials and reviewing the company’s core objectives, we have come up with a results-driven corporate identity design strategy, and this is how the entire process got started: Continue Reading →


Done With Tafahum; Another Remarkable Project Completed Successfully

Learning various languages always comes in handy when you’re traveling around the world and willing to communicate effectively.

But unfortunately, not many foreigners get the right platform to learn and speak the native languages in a fluent manner. And to resolve such a serious problem in UAE, Tafahum has been founded.

Tafahum is an Arabic learning center which is working as a platform for everyone who is serious about learning Arabic language and willing to gain in-depth knowledge of the Arabic culture.

However, every start-up or initiative needs a robust plan to reach out to the intended audience. So, for this, we have been contacted and we made sure to introduce Tafahum as a genuine channel of learning Arabic language in UAE. Continue Reading →


Nadereen’s Branding – It’s been a Great Journey Working for a Strategy Maker

When running a company or any department of it, innovation is the most significant aspect that improves the performance and unwraps various remarkable chances to flourish.

Especially in Middle East where the economy is booming impressively, one can’t think of incorporating a conventional business approach to accomplish the goals. And in such a situation, Nadereen does what others can’t.

It’s a company started with solid aim of providing strategic consultancy service to small and medium size businesses (SMBs). And unlike other consultancy firms, Nadereen proved itself to be a trustable strategy maker preferably for health, education, government and IT sectors.

Therefore, it’s been a great honor for us working with Nadereen for developing the face of their brand, and we are extremely delightful to share the process we adopted for such an amazing collaboration. Continue Reading →