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4 Tips to Simplify Web Design for Phenomenal User Experience

Most of the time, we get over conscious about web designs. In result, we try to incorporate a blend of so many intellectual design elements together for accentuating a completely user centric view of our websites. Unfortunately, the reality is, things doesn’t work out this way. While, on the other hand, a simple web design with all effective ingredients proves to be successful in terms of great user experience.

Well, it is the truth!

We use to discuss a lot about design, user experience and user interface through our blog. But, going simple in all aspects is what considered to be something difficult. Therefore, we have penned down some basic tips for web design simplification which will certainly make your website favorable from a user’s perspective.  Continue Reading →


Are You a Minimalist? Then These WP Themes are Just for You

Sometimes, staying simple yet sophisticated works out as a great strategy to make impact in this digital age. This way, you get plenty of space to highlight your content while also making sure that your readers are grasping the core information you have intended to share.

So, if you are a minimalist and admire simplicity to connect with your respective people, then we surely have something special for you. Whether you own a blog, ecommerce store or just any type and size of business, we have narrowed down minimalist WP themes to fulfill all your needs.

Yes, absolutely right.

You can pick any of the below mentioned WP themes depending on the nature of work and goals to keep things flowing smoothly. Continue Reading →


Give Your Restaurant an Online Boost with these Web Design Hacks

Running a restaurant may seem like a fun thing. But, in reality, it is more than what an ordinary person perceives.

People who own restaurants, especially where they already have similar kind of other restaurants serving the same food, exactly know how difficult and complicated it is to maintain a reputation.

However, this digital age has reduced the pressure to some extent, if not eradicated completely.

If you have been implementing some traditional practices to stand out, then pause for a moment. And, think of giving your restaurant a solid online boost through its website.

This not so big investment will allow your restaurant to cater a large group of audience by establishing a brand. But, it all depends on how smart and intellectual you are as far as your website’s design is concerned. Therefore, we made sure to keep this process a little easier with these design hacks. Continue Reading →


Key points to Remember for Designing a Mesmeric “About Us” Page

When it comes to designing a business website, each and every page holds its own significance. However, the “About Us” page tops the position as it is considered to be a primary gateway for your prospects to know more about you in the briefest manner.

It certainly means that underestimating the impact of this particular page will spoil your plans.

Alright, for a couple of minutes, think of yourself as a potential customer who has landed to a website to find a reasonable solution to his problems. And, what if you are welcomed with a typically pathetic content that only talks about the company, a poor design that uses stock images instead of the real ones, and most of all, the same conventional user experience?

Would you prefer spending time to this website? Of course, no! Continue Reading →


Top WordPress Testimonial Plugins to Cash the Potential Customers

Having a great number of website visitors is a remarkable achievement, but it could turn out to be a blessing if that audience is converted into potential customers.

See, people visit websites to get what they want and when they plan to buy something online, they look for positive feedbacks from the existing customers or anything that builds up the credibility.

This is where testimonials play a fantastic role.

If you are a WordPress fan, then you are certainly going to be benefited from this blog, as here we are sharing a couple of useful and absolutely results-driven WordPress testimonial plugins for you.

All the below mentioned plugins are tested on various projects and they proved to be reliable with respect to their features and usability. Continue Reading →

personal website guidelines

Working on Your Personal Website? This is What You Need to See First

Do you want to establish yourself as a brand?

Are you launching your personal website to underline all your attributes and amazing professional background?

If yes, then you have to make sure that whatever the steps you are taking will impose a positive impact. It is because the internet is filled with plenty of personal websites and you are most likely to face an incredible competition. So, how are you going to stand yourself out?

Have you ever thought about it?

Well, keeping such an aspect in mind, we have pointed out a couple of personal websites that are doing great within their domains. And, the only reason for mentioning these portfolios is to inspire you, so that you can come up with some striking ideas for your own portfolio website. Continue Reading →


Best Business Consulting WordPress Themes to Flourish Your Business’ Online Identity

Nowadays, if you’re not reaching out to your prospects online, you will never accomplish the business goals you’ve set for yourself. And to step inside the ring, you definitely require a completely professional and customer-centric website.  This is where WordPress comes in handy, especially for those who don’t have any coding experience.

So, in order to make the process a little easier, we have jotted down four business consulting WordPress themes, which we consider as the best to thrive the online identity of your business.

You can pick from any of these below mentioned WordPress themes depending on your business objectives and convert it into a lead generating machine. Continue Reading →


Redesigning a Website? 4 UX Tests You Should Do at All Costs

Are you planning to redesign your website because it looks so outdated?

The plan is certainly good, but requires you to be extremely creative, calculative and customer-centric to attain positive outcomes.

Coming up with a redesign plan is one thing, but making it successful demands effectiveness. And, this is what you will learn here.

In this blog, we have covered a couple of tested and absolutely proven website redesign tactics that will surely help you create a customized layout to treat your prospects in the best possible manner. Continue Reading →

WP plugins for lead generation

Top WordPress Plugins to Turn Your Site Into A Lead Generation Machine

WordPress has made it extremely easy for a non-tech savvy to build up a website and connect with the intended audience. And with its incredible plugins, converting those random visitors into potential leads is no more a daunting task.

However, selecting the most appropriate WP plugins for a site by keeping in view the nature, requirements and preferences of the audience is merely not an easy thing to do. But, we’ve tried to resolve such an issue through this blog.

Here, you will get to know about some of the most stunning WordPress plugins that will surely turn your site into a lead generation machine if used properly. Continue Reading →

designing tips to boost website conversion rate

Design Principles To Help You Boost The Conversion Rate Of Your Website

Website designing can turn out to be a ridiculous job if the preference, behavior and needs of the intended audience are not taken into consideration. It can even become a nightmare if you’re doing everything yourself without any professional assistance.

Unfortunately, many brands and internet marketing specialists give extra importance to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media and other marketing tactics to drive conversions. In such a marathon, they actually forget to implement the right design principles which in turn affect the entire conversation plan drastically.

It’s just because of this reason we’ve shared some incredible design principles for you which will surely bring a big impact to the conversion rate of your website. Continue Reading →